Summary: 4 of 6. Jesus turned water to wine in order to initiate/call attention to/set apart His public ministry. Where is Jesus heralded as God’s Anointed? or Why turn water into wine? God’s Anointed is heralded on the stage of...

WATER To WINE—Declaring God's Anointed-IV—John 2:1-12


On Stage—Feb. 9, 1964—The Beatles were introduced to America on CBS’s variety show ‘The Ed Sullivan Show. Before they even played, the audience filled with young girls began wildly screaming & passing out in delight & awe & Thus began what was known as ‘the British Invasion’(influx of British musical influence) bringing British Rock & Roll to America & changing the secular American musical landscape.

Someone of vastly more importance(Jesus) was heralded on a vastly smaller stage.

Jesus turned water to wine in order to initiate/call attention to/set apart His public ministry.

Jesus is set apart as God’s Anointed.

Declaring God’s Anointed can/may be accomplished thru particular signs.

Why turn water into wine?

*Where is Jesus set apart as God’s Anointed?

6 stages for heralding God’s Anointed.

Previously we found that God’s Anointed is heralded on the stage of....


2. PRESSURE(:1-3)

3. DESIRE(:4)

4. TRUST(:5)

5—God’s Anointed is heralded on the stage of...



:6—“Now there were set there six waterpots of stone, according to the manner of purification of the Jews, containing twenty or thirty gallons apiece.”

We don’t know if the house was located at a place where the “waterpots" remained. We don’t know if the “waterpots" were brought in specifically for the wedding celebration. The Jews had a custom of purification that required washing/rinsing one’s hands ceremonially before entrance & after certain activities.

One metrhtav =approx. 9 gal. or 39.6 liters. Therefore 2-3 metrhtai = 39.6*2=79.2 l to 39.6*3=118.8 l. or 18-27 gals....

Thus totaling ~=~108-188gal.

“Waterpots”(See :7)—udria—1) A vessel for holding water; 2) A water jar, a water pot. Strong—A water-jar, i.e. Receptacle for family supply. Used 3X.

“Stone”—liyinov—Adj.—1) Of stone. Strong—Stony, i.e. Made of stone. Used 3X.

“According to the manner”—kata—Prep.—1) Down from, through out; 2) According to, toward, along. Strong—a primary particle; prepositionally--Down (in place or time), in varied relations (according to the case [genitive case, dative case or accusative case] with which it is joined).

“Purification”—kayarismov—1) A cleansing, purification, a ritual purgation or washing. Strong—from kayarizw[ To cleanse (literally or figuratively)]; A washing off, i.e. ceremonially--Ablution, morally--Expiation. Used 7X.

“Jews”—Ioudaiov—Adj.—1) Jewish, belonging to the Jewish nation; 2) Jewish as respects to birth, origin, religion. Strong—Judaean, i.e. belonging to Jehudah.

“Containing”—cwrew—1) To leave space(which may be filled or occupied by another), to make room, give place, yield—1a) To retire, 1b) metaph.—To betake one's self, turn one's self; 2) to go forward, advance, proceed, succeed; 3) To have space or room for receiving or holding something. Cwrew always emphasizes the idea of separation, change of place, & does not, like e.g. poreuomai, note the external & perceptible motion. Strong—from cwra[Room, i.e. A space of territory(more or less extensive; often including its inhabitants)]; To be in(give) space, i.e. intransitively--To pass, enter, or transitively--To hold, admit (literally or figuratively).

“Two/Twenty”—duo—Strong— primary numeral; “Two.”

“Three/Thirty”—treiv—a primary (plural)number; “Three.”

“Gallons/Firkins/Measures”—metrhthv—1) A measurer, the name of a utensil known as a amphora, which is a species of measure used for liquids & containing somewhat less than nine English gallons or about 40 l.. Strong—A measurer, i.e. specifically--A certain standard measure of capacity for liquids. Used 1X.

“The word metrhthv, from metrew, to measure, simply means "measurer," an amphora for measuring liquids”—RWP

:7—“Jesus said to them, “Fill the waterpots with water.” And they filled them up to the brim.”

Jesus took over the responsibility/authority & handled the situation Himself by telling the servants to “fill” the ceremonial “waterpots" “with water.”

The servants obeyed Jesus. The servants “filled” the “waterpots" as full as an infinity pool...Nothing could be added. This was to bolster the fact that nothing would have been added to the pots in the manner of a ruse...

But more likely, it was to express the fullness & abundance of God’s favor in Christ!

“Fill”2X—gemizw—Strong—To fill entirely. Used 9X.

“Water”—udwr—1) Water. Strong—from the base of uetov[ from a primary uw(to rain); Rain, especially a shower]; Water(as if rainy) literally or figuratively.

“Brim”—anw—Adverb—1) Up, upwards, above, on high; 2) of the quarters of the heaven--Northward; 3) of countries--Inland, up from the coast; 4) of time--Formerly. Strong—Upward or on the top. Used 9X.

:8—“And He said to them, “Draw some out now, & take it to the master of the feast.” And they took it.”

Jesus gave the servants further instructions after they followed His first instructions. The servants were to draw out the water from the waterpots they had just filled up. Or...the servants drew out of the well used to fill the waterpots.

Jesus instructed them to take the freshly drawn water to the headwaiter. They obeyed Jesus & took the water to him.

What is important to gain here is that Jesus is the Agent & point of Supply! Overabundantly, Unlimitedly, bringing ultimate Solution.

“Draw...Out”—antlew—1) To draw out of a ship's bilge-water, to bale or pump out; 2) To draw water. Strong—from antlov(the hold of a ship); To bale up(properly--Bilge water), i.e. Dip water (with a bucket, pitcher, etc.). Used 4X.

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