Summary: part 20 of our 1 Peter study

Wayfaring Strangers

A Study Of 1 Peter

Part 20

“A Shepherds Care”

Today we are continuing our ongoing study of the book of 1 Peter

Peter as we know was one of Jesus’ chosen Apostles

In his early walk he was quite frankly a knot head

But as we have seen I n this study he have developed into a strong

Maturing Believer

Who is all in for Jesus

He wrote this book to believers who were facing

Trials and persecution because of their faith

And as we have taught many times before

His intent is to prepare us for suffering

and to encourage us in in

Peter was not immune himself to the persecution and suffering

Ultimately, he gave his life for the gospel

And in his own execution

We see the humility that came from a life dedicated to Christ

Peter asked that he, when he was convicted and sentenced to die by the same method our Lord Jesus did


Asked to be crucified upside down

As he did not feel that he was worthy to even die in the same manner as his Master

He new something about what he preached

First hand

As I read this passage of scripture over and over

A scene from Monty Walsh starring Tom Selleck kept coming to my mind

Actually 2 scenes

In these scenes

Monte is talking to the train conductor Rudy that was in charge of the Locomotive that Monte and the boys had just roped and pulled the smokestack off of

And in the other Robert Slocum the city slicker manager of Consolidated Cattle

I don’t want to get off track as I really like this movie and could go on and on

So, without spending a lot of time

In both cases

The two men are lamenting their current circumstances and situations

Focused completely on their own problems

And in both cases Monte

Looks them in the eye

And says

“You can’t have no idea how little I care”

I have had theses exact feelings many times in my life

And if you are honest so have you

We are humans

And while we as believers

Are called to be more like Christ

Who was compassionate to a flaw

We often want to be more like Monte and express our frustration with the words

You can’t have no idea how little I care

I don’t know about you

But I am so glad we serve a God who does not share that same sentiment

That brings us to Peters words in verses 6-7 of chapter 5

Last week in verses 1-5 of chapter 5

We learned that as Leaders

As younger believers (in years and in maturity)

And as believers as a whole

As leaders, and I believe we all are in some way

We have responsibilities

We must teach the word truthfully, correctly divide the word of God scripture says

This means we teach God’s word

Not our own ideas and experiences

We must care for those God has entrusted us with as he would

We must do this eagerly, willingly

And with no selfish motives or personal gain or acclaim

As followers we have responsibilities

Follow those who God has placed in authority over us

Once again willingly

Pray for them

Defend them

And make their jobs a blessing instead of a burden

Next as believers in General we have lots of responsibilities

But from 1 Peter 5 :1-5

Just one of them is humility

Peter says to dress ourselves in humility

Humility is the opposite of pride and this is where we are going today

Please open up your bibles to 1 Peter 5 verses 6-7

Let me read them for you

Then as we always do we will look for practical life application in these words

1 Peter 5:6-7

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. 7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you

Again in verse 5 Peter addresses humility

I believe this is a huge concept in God’s word

As it is addressed by almost every writer of the New Testament

And echoes the words of our Lord

Verse 5 a

“ So humble yourselves”

What does this mean

Does it mean we are to be a door mat?

And let anyone and everyone take advantage of us


Does it mean we develop an attitude of weakness?

Like a cowed down border collie?


It means we get rid of our selfish pride

The conductor in that movie

Had no concern whatso ever for the scattered horses

For the injured men

Only for his own needs

The manger

Same thing

No concern for the men

Just his own selfish desires and self-advancement

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