Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The things we do in life can cause us to loose what we are trying to gain, a witness

Ways To Ruin Your Witness

I Timothy 1:3-7


Wilkensburgh CC team

Purpose/direction: To pursuit the commands and teachings of God and not to stray from them.


1. Ephesus was the chief city in Asia Minor

2. Center of trade

3. Magic was a common practice in Ephesus

Where I am going: 3 Things that will wreck your witness and how to prevent it.

1. Nit picking

2. Forgetting the commands

3. Not using your gifts

I. Nit picking (3-4)


1. The word Command here is a strong word for strong orders. Jesus used when telling sending out His disciples in Math 10:5 and Mark 6:8

2. Myths and endless genealogies are made up stories to trace people back to the Greek mythological Gods.

3. This will take a way your focus on the important things


1. Stop worrying about the tiny little details (Geographical examples)

2. Don’t get involved in little debates (Could Jesus had sinned?)

3. Focus on what is important


People in Florida trying to figure out what is a full vote and what it jus and indentation

II. Forgetting the commands (5-6)


1. The word command this time is the directives that Timothy was to give to the Ephesians heretics

2. When Paul is talking about wandering away, he is meaning to be wide of the mark – The English translation of sin

3. Meaningless talk – refers to talk that does not help any one to grow holy


1. Don’t wander from the mark

2. To pursuit God with a pure heart

3. Teach in a way so people will grow holy


The command of meditating on the Bible, and the result of not doing it

III. Not using your gifts (7)


1. These were teachers who did not know what they were saying

2. They wanted the “honor” of being a teacher

3. These teachers did not have the skills


1. Get the necessary skills

2. If you are going to teach, make sure you know what you are teaching

3. Be willing to admit you do not have all the skills


Me teaching Jr. Church at OHAC


I want us all to have a powerful witness

We all do many different things

However, pursuit God

Mitch’s Life

Whatever you do, keep to the Bible

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