Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: There is a need for missionaries to go reach the lost with the gospel.

I. The Great Missionary - Jesus

A. His Identity - God who came to man!

1. The Creator came down for the creation! Col 1:16

2. The Son came down-1Jo 4:9

B. His Weariness

1. The Weariness of the Work (constant pressure from the pharisees)

2. The Weariness of the Walk - hot, dry and dusty

3. The Weariness of His Will - He longed to give them life.

II. The Great Meeting

A. His Aim - He must needs go. Php 2:5-8

B. His Attention

1. He found a Well

2. He found a Woman

III. The Great Message

A. He Revealed Her Reputation

B. He Revealed Her Resistance

C. He Revealed Her Remedy

D. He Recognized Her Repentance

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