Summary: This sermon deals with the reality of spiritual warfare as Paul discussed it in Ephesians.

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January 20, 2008

Jay Davis Robison EPHESIANS 6:10-13

Are We at War? For all of my life US at war against poverty & drugs

Of course we are in Afghanistan and Iraq hear daily updates

War is A FACT OF LIFE much of our nation’s history at war

Many of you here have been in those wars you know firsthand

Another battle is being waged around us today in the spiritual realm.

Unfortunately, those engaged in spiritual warfare often do not know

who their enemies are, & have no plan for victory.

Spiritual battle talked about in Ephesians 6 real then and today

When someone you love is in the battle its personal HOMER

War merely political\philosophical debate unless your kid in battle

Do not be naïve about the battle we have in the world

Our world as Christians is not neutral ground but a battlefield

If recognize in battle how intently listen to bible life depended on it.

All have experienced being pulled in two different directions

We have dealt with discouragement, & depression, & defeat

We have battle scars. We’d better find out how to fight.


Tend to accept as real only things can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste.

Bible at my desk is real, clothes on my back are real, & pizza is real

know they’re real, cause I experience them with my senses.

When we talk about that which is invisible, things cannot be seen,

heard, touched, smelled, or tasted, we think those things are not

real, or somehow at a lesser level of reality than the visible world.

NATURALISM denies anything transcendental strictly scientific

says human reason can figure out everything if put it in test tube,

examine it under microscope explain by natural process, that’s all.

Naturalistic view comes up short because limited to physical realm.

Remember the Homer cartoon, we have all been there

Naturalism doesn’t answer ultimate questions: who you are,

where you came from, why are you here.

While we exist in this present visible world, exist simultaneously

in the unseen world that Paul describes here.


Horror films are a multi-billion dollar industry

Millions dabble in the occult,

Local bookstores have huge sections on Spiritualism, hunger

Vs 12 NKJV speaks to this reality, For we do not wrestle against

flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,

against the rulers of the darkness of this age,

against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places

Paul lets us see transcendental dimension of our struggle in the world

Not merely flesh and blood, or good will vs ill will

Real power behind the pain persecution on earth

Wrestle hand-to-hand combat, personal struggle, & serious situation

Terrifying power of their influence & the comprehensiveness

Wrestle shows the intimate nature of the conflict

Christian Science says no such thing as conflict, disease or pain

Evolution says we marching on toward progress,

what we need is education & culture

Bible says we are in a battle no matter how much want to deny it

boxer was being pummeled in ring by opponent. Blow after blow

landed by his adversary left him with a bloody nose, swollen eyes,

and an enormous amount of pain.

Battered boxer’s trainer trying to encourage man between rounds,

kept telling him, “You’re doing great, Fred.

That bum is barely touching you.” To which the boxer responded,

“Then you better keep your eye on that referee,

because somebody is killing me!

Spiritual warfare is conflict being waged in invisible, spiritual realm

It’s hard enough to fight an enemy you can see.

It’s much harder to fight someone you can’t see.

2. We have AN ENEMY

Who is our enemy? May say it is Osama Bin Laden, rapist, murderer

It may be some leader like Adolf Hitler. Enemy is none of these

Nor is it your Ex, or your boss or irritating neighbor.

We make a big mistake if we think people are the real problem.

People can be bad, no doubt. But as bad as people can be, they are

merely conduits for greater battle. Satan successful in getting us to fight people rather than fighting evil causing people act as they do.

Satan is Satan and HE IS OUR REAL ENEMY IN LIFE.

Make no mistake about it! People not our enemy. Satan is!

Personal evil force at work in world and our lives


PRINCE OF THIS WORLD, ACCUSER, thief, roaring lion,

Must maintain balance and sound judgment 2 Mistaken ideas SATAN DOES EVERYTHING (head in the clouds) and

If you don’t like my suit devil made you,

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