Summary: We are God’s masterpiece. We are His ’poems. And the poem is something which is made, something which has been made. That’s what we are. We are made by God.

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Ephesians 2:10

February 2006

Good News Christian Fellowship

BUCAS, Daraga


Tchaikovsky labored perhaps a month toward the close of 1874 in composing his “Piano concerto in B-Flat Minor”, and its world premiere was in Boston on October 25, 1875 (Readers Digest 1973)

The “Grand Polonaise” of Frederic Chopin is among that composer-pianist’s most popular works. Chopin composed it in 1830-31.

One of my favorite hymns is the master piece of John Newton, The Amazing Grace. The line of hymn, “I once was lost and now I found, was blind but now I see”, touches my heart. The lyrics of this beautiful work of art are every bit as important as the melodies. This hymn maybe among the finest hymns he ever written.

Our very own Juan Luna was a renowned painter, for his masterpieces: Death of Cleopatra, The Blood compact and Spolarium. In 1881 , Juan Luna won the gold medal for Death of Cleopatra ( later sold for 5000 pesetas) In 1884 Spolarium was submitted by Luna to the Exposicion Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1884, where it garnered a gold medal.

Now, what if these masterpieces had never been recorded or published? What if these composers and painter just kept their masterpiece for themselves, shutting away the lyrics of the song and the beauty of the canvas?

If they had, we will never experienced the serenity of the air; the rhythmic and harmonious variations, we will never had a changed to view the awed inspiring painting in oil.

In out text in today’s sermon, Apostle Paul here is speaking about the work of God’s creation. This is not referring about the creation in Genesis 1. Paul is referring to another creation . It is not the material creation referred to in Genesis. It is a still more important creation - a spiritual creation And like an artistic genius whose joy is complete when his work is shared, our composer intends His work of art to be HEARD…. and SEEN.


We are God’s masterpiece. We are His ’poems. And the poem is something which is made, something which has been made. That’s what we are. We are made by God, created by Him. However, we are not created simply to be in display. Unlike painting that adorned the museums, we are designed for action. His plan for our lives extends beyond salvation to sanctification, beyond standing in grace to walk in good deeds. . Any good works which we might do as Christians are the works which He foreordained, which He planned and prepared in eternity past.

Spiritual birth is the point of this verse. When a man believes in Jesus Christ, God creates him in CHRIST. Apostle Paul makes it clear we are not saved by works that we do, we are saved by grace through faith alone and faith is the gift of God and the work of God. So we are altogether from start to finish as Christians. We are His created work, His wonderful new spiritual creation. The Holy Spirit is transforming us into the image of Christ.

Well maybe you will ask, what’s the point of living? What’s the point of going on? What’s the point of anything? Why do I live at all? Here what Apostle Paul is saying. The meaning of life is to be seen in the purpose of God. And the purpose of God affects the lives of everyone who is a Christian.

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