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Summary: • We are Jesus ambassadors to others here on this earth. • We are His hands and his feet to be a blessing to all those we come in contact with. • It’s my hope as we get ready to go back out into the world • That we recognize that we are Jesus hand an

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We Are His Hands

Michael Jordan is considered by some to be the greatest athlete of all time.

• He finished his star-studded career with an incredible performance.

• Time was winding down on the NBA championship game.

• The Chicago Bulls were down by one basket.

• The ball was passed to Jordan.

• Jordan made a fancy move to go around the defender.

• The defender was so bluffed that he fell to the floor.

• Jordan sets his sights on the basket and releases just as the buzzer sounds,

• Sinking a perfect 3-point shot,

• Winning the game and the championship.

For most of us, these are the kind of scenes we remember…

• slam-dunks taking off from the free-throw line,

• The fame, the popularity, the commercials, and championships.

• But today I’d like to share with you a story you might not have heard.

It involved a young boy by the name of Cornelius.

• Cornelius was a thin, extremely quiet boy.

• His mother and her boyfriend had tortured, abused and starved

• Cornelius and his four year old brother, Lattie.

• The police discovered the abuse in time to save Cornelius’ life,

• But it had been too late to save his 4-year old brother.

The two great loves in Cornelius’s life were reading and basketball.

• The newspaper reporter, who had been writing about the tragedy,

• Mentioned in one of his columns that Cornelius’ had a passion for basketball.

• Steve Schanwald, who was the vice president of the Chicago Bulls,

• Read the column and called the reporter.

• Though tickets to Bulls’ games were without exception sold out,

• Schanwald said that if Cornelius would like to come to a game

• He would be sure there were tickets available.

• The reporter took him to the game.

• And the following is the story from his perspective.

To every Chicago youngster who follows basketball, the stadium was a shrine.

• Think of where Cornelius once was,

• Locked up and tormented and hurt.

• And now he was in the stadium, about to see his first Bulls game.

• We walked down a stairway, until we were in a lower level hallway.

• Cornelius stood between us.

• Then a door opened and a man came out.

• Cornelius looked up,

• His eyes filled with a combination of wonder and awe and total disbelief.

• Cornelius tried to say something;

• His mouth was moving but no words would come out.

• He tried to speak and then the man helped him out by speaking first.

• “Hi, Cornelius,” the man said. “I’m Michael Jordan.”

• Jordan knelt down and spoke quietly with Cornelius.

• He made some jokes and told some stories about basketball and he didn’t rush.

• You have to understand—for a long time the only adults Cornelius had any contact with

• Were adults who wanted to hurt and humiliate him.

• And now Michael Jordan was saying, “

• Are you going to cheer for us today? ---------------------We’re going to need it.”

• Jordan went back into the locker room to finish dressing for the game.

• And I walked Cornelius back upstairs to the court.

• There was one more surprise waiting.

• Cornelius was given a red shirt

• The kind worn by the Bulls’ ball boys.

• He retrieved balls for the players from both teams as they warmed up.

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