Summary: Sermon 1 in a series Why does the Church Exist. The church Exists to Exalt the Savior, To Evangelize the Lost, To Equip, Encourage, and Edify The Saints.

Intro: What is the most important question you should ask in your life? Why am I here?

Many struggle with the reason they are alive. Some wonder if they are some cosmic coincidence. Often people fall prey to the false teaching that we are nothing more than a freak combination of chemicals that accidentally came together and made life.

This leads to the old saying “Eat, drink, and be merry for Tomorrow we die.” It is the cancerous idea that we cease to exist after death. Many have allowed themselves based on this idea to become the center of their own miniature universe. It is the Burger King Mentality. My Way. (Jesus is the way so we have his way here.)

There are many false ideas and false teachings that distract us from our real purpose in life. In the letter to the Colossians Paul is dealing with the problem of false teaching.

False teaching will distract us from our course

False teaching will disturb our faith

False teaching will diminish our light for the Lord.

In Paul’s work to overcome the false teaching he brilliantly shows us our individual purpose as well as the purpose for the Church’s existence.

So ask yourself the all-important question: Why does the church exist?

Let’s translate that into our church, Calvary Baptist Church, some of you may ask why on earth do we meet, why study the Bible, why, why, why?

Let’s answer both questions with one Bible verse

Colossians 1.16c “all things have been created through Him (the Lord Jesus Christ) and for Him.

We are not some cosmic coincidence, we are not an accident, we were created by Jesus and for Jesus.

From the individual to the individual churches. The bible here teaches Jesus created everyone who has ever lived or ever will. Not only did Jesus create everyone. He created everyone for Himself. Paul said it this way in 1 Corinthians 6.19c – 20 “you are not your own, For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify (exalt, lift up) God in your body.”

To glorify in this passage means to praise, magnify, celebrate, and honor God. It also conveys the idea of getting others to acknowledge God’s greatness.

The church exists to exalt Jesus. Exalt means to raise in rank, status, or character. To honor glorify and praise.

As the church we are called Christians. A way to understand the definition of Christian is to say we are little Christ’s. Let’s investigate the bare necessities of lifting Jesus up in rank and status as Calvary Baptist Church.

I. We are to Follow His Lead -- “He is the head” Colossians 1.18 -- Loyalty

A) Divided we Fall

1) If we are not together in Mission

2) If we are not together in Ministry

3) If we are not together in Motivation

B) United We Follow

1) Follow Him to repentance

Dr Charles Stanley “Repentance and sincere devotion to Christ separate a person from the natural ways of the world.”

“True repentance is a humble, quiet, life-changing experience between you and God.”

2) Follow Him in His holiness

a) The commitment

Colossians 1.22 “yet He has now reconciled you in His fleshly body through death, in order to present you before Him holy and blameless and beyond reproach”

1) God’s marvelous grace pardons our past by Christ’s blood.

2) God’s masterful plan is to present us without stain, spot, or wrinkle forgiving every part of our godless past.

b) The condition

Colossians 1.23 “if indeed you continue in the faith firmly established and steadfast, and not moved away from the hope of the gospel that you have heard”

1) This is not if you loose your salvation

2) This is the reality check for all Christians

3) The reality of a relationship with God is found in the permanent nature of our faith.

a. One that has truly been twice born will go on faithfully to the end.

b. BBC “Continuance is a proof of reality”

c. The only way to continue is to fix you heart on Christ

Transition: It is through a heart that has repented (turned from its own plans) determined to be holy for Jesus’ namesake that will fix his or her heart on God’s plan.

II. We are to Fix our hearts on His plan -- Stability

A) Reaching the Lost – Colossians 1.20

Casting Crowns Chorus to If We Are The Body

“But if we are the Body Why aren’t His arms reaching”

B) Teaching the Saved – Colossians 1.23

Casting Crowns – “Why arent His words teaching”

1) We come to fellowship and Worship in God’s holy word so that we may be firmly established and steadfast. In other words solid and strong

a) A firm footing of faith so that when the landslides of life come we can stand on the promises of God!!!

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