Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We must fight the good fight, we must finish the race, and we must remain faithful.

This morning, as I watched the start of a new day, the sun slowly rose over the distant horizon. As the darkness that had previously enveloped the sky quickly and silently retreated to its assigned hiding place, I had to give God his due praise. The night was and is cold and dark. Nevertheless, every day God provides the needed warmth and light to chase the cold darkness away.

As we grudgingly struggle through the hurts of this Christian nightmare of greed and corruption, we are now forced to cast our eyes down into the pit of our coming recession. First, we were jolted by the greed and the corruption in corporate America. Nevertheless, that is corporate America. Greed is expected. We wondered when will these nights of chastisement for America end.

However, we never saw the shock waves of this Christian scandal coming. Although, many knights in shining armor have come to the rescue with their money and their knowledge, we now face the chastisement of a looming recession. In a recession, our money will be worth less than an icemaker in Nome Alaska.

Now here are the real questions that need to be addressed. Do we go back to being that same illiterate church going person? Will we just exist spiritually with our heads stuck in the proverbial sand of Christian ignorance? Will we learn from the mistakes of blindly following just anyone that proclaim they are men of God or our savior from our crisis?

Moreover, will we continue to travel down the same path of spiritual trickery that got us here in the first place? Will we continue to blindly believe what someone has to proclaim concerning our soul salvation? Will we simply take time to pick up the bible? Will we finally research and work out our own soul salvation with fear and trembling?

In the mist of all our continuing joy and pending sadness, these questions must be answered by us. The question that must be answered first and utmost is to which hill or more directly from whom has our help come? A great and wise philosopher once said that not all hands extended are extended to help and save. Some are extended to grasp, destroy, and devour.

I am not here to tell you only you want to hear. I am here to tell you the truth. Whether you listen or not, that is your choice. The truth is in this time of our dire spiritual crisis there is a message each of us needs to hear. The message is simple, ‘We must fight the good fight, we must finish the race, and we must remain faithful.’

The turmoil presented by the continually humiliating saga of Christian greed and corruption has revealed a number of fake and false prophets in the midst of the children of God. These prophets and teachers confused us with their worldly wisdom and delighted us with their satanic intentions simply because we did not read the word of God for ourselves.

Regardless of the intentions of the individuals involved, one fact constantly rings true. That fact is all things work together for the good of those who love God according to God’s purpose. God brought these things to path so each of us will better understand that our soul salvation is important. It is important to God and it is important to Lucifer. Because of this importance, we need to be on our constant guard against the enemy that tries to guide us down the wrong path.

Sometimes, God must guide us to a place of standing still and coast us to lie down in our faith that He alone is capable and able to provide just what we need to do his work. Because of the spiritual importance of our soul salvation, we must become determined to work out our own soul’s salvation with fear and with trembling. We do not get to do life over and God does not accept excuses because life is an open book test. So open the book, and read His instructions. Then work out your own salvation knowing that if you miss heaven the only person to blame will be you.

Therefore, when we judge our spiritual leaders and others to be lying, to be crooks, and to be dishonest, we in turn are simply judging ourselves. When we determine the teachings of our spiritual leaders to be false, we unwisely do not realize the statements that we are making are not only about our spiritual leaders. They are statements about us, spiritually as well. Since everything we believe was taught to us by a so-called false prophet, then that makes everything we believe false. In addition, that makes each of us followers of a false prophet.

Now instead of getting mad and allowing Lucifer to continue to drag us down into sin, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent for not reading the Word of God for ourselves. Repent for chasing after the wisdom of man and not asking for the wisdom from God. We need to re-evaluate our spiritual mistake of not verifying what we are led to believe is what the Word of God tell us to believe. We will answer one day for what we do and whom we believe.

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