Summary: To help get us prepared for our free market as we give freely our material items, food, and time to the community.

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Next Saturday we will be hosting a fantastic all day event that I am sure will be a blessing to our community. We are hosting a Free Market!! Who doesn’t like to hear the word fee? For most of us, the word free is almost a magical word that has power over us. It seems to draw us near and captivate our attention. We end up taking whatever item it is, it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s free and we want it! It just like when things are on sale. For some unknown reason, we will buy things on sale even if we don’t need them or will never use them. But it’s a bargain and we gotta have it because it is on sale.

Just think about how many items you have in your home that you never really have used but you have them simply because it was either free or on sale. I think we are drawn to freebies and sales because we feel as if it is a blessing to us and we crave those moments in life in which we can be blessed. We really could care less what it is but I suppose it’s the whole idea of receiving, it makes us feel special. It’s like getting a present.

I look forward to every Veterans Day because of all the free deals I get. Many restaurants give free meals to us veterans on Veterans Day and I love it! I will spend the whole day eating here there and everywhere and you know what, I get full after the first restaurant but I keep pilling it in because it’s free!

We just love free things don’t we, no matter what it is, we love it? I think it’s probably because of the giver really. For something to be given freely to someone else, we usually associate it as a sacrifice on their part and this in turns makes us feel special, loved, and cared for.

- Nothing beats a genuine sacrifice.

VIDEO: “A Sister’s Sacrifice”

How about us? I often wonder if any of us would truly be willing to lay our life down for anyone else.

When was the last time if ever, you sacrificed anything for anyone? We are called as Christians to exemplify Christ with our lives. Others should see some of Jesus in us and what better way to shine for Jesus than to have a sacrificial heart.

We as comfortable Americans greatly dislike sacrifice. Asking most Americans to sacrifice anything is like asking a cat to take a bath.

In spite of how we might feel about it sacrifice is a very important part of our Christian life. Most people who choose not to follow the Lord do so because of the sacrifice involved in the Christian life. Yes, Sacrifice is extremely important.

Romans 12:1-Therefore, I urge you, bothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, this is your spiritual act of worship

Definition of Sacrifice-The offering of something that is precious, that has value, that is important

- A sacrifice isn’t a sacrifice unless it costs you something

Illustration: I heard a story about a very wealthy church in Houston, Texas that was planning an all church wide garage sell for the less fortunate in the city. For weeks the pastor challenged the church members to gather things from their homes that they would like to donate for this special event. The pastor tried to encourage them to bring items that would bring in a good amount of money for the sell. He told the church to look at their possessions and bring to the sell what the treasured the most materially. “Simply pray about it and do what God tells your heart.”

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