Summary: The danger of drifting away.


1. Illus...Dr. Howard Hendricks Classroom tactics from “the Seven Laws of the Learner”, by Bruce Wilkinson.

Wilkinson was his student and he set out to test his mentor & favorite prof. by looking out the window during class time.

Dr. Hendricks would do whatever it took to keep the attention of his students.

Trans... The author of the book of Hebrews tells us, in chapter two and verse one, we must pay much closer attention ... lest we drift away. I want us to first consider the path of drifting.

I. The Path of Drifting (vs 1)

A. The reason the author gives for paying attention is found in chapter one.

1. Chapter one deals with the superiority of the revelation of Christ Jesus to anything the world has ever known before.

(a) He is the heir of all things.

(b) He is the radiance of the Father’s glory ... the exact representation of His nature.

(c) He upholds all things by the word of His power.

(d) When He had made purification of sins (all sins), He sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high.

(e) He is superior to the angels of heaven and equal with the Father.

(f) For this reason ... pay attention ...lest we drift away.

(g) The first step in the path of a drifter is a loss of attentiveness!

(h) Illus... I checked with several theologians on this, such as John Calvin, John Wesley, Godby, Adam Clarke & Matthew Henry. Most all of them use the same metaphor for this word drifting. It is the metaphor of a bucket with a small leak in it. Drifting isn’t something that takes place in a moment in time but rather a gradual loss of fullness slowly leaking from your bucket.

(I) So drifting comes from an attention deficit followed by a gradual leaking from the fullness of your bucket.

(j) Illus... Driving through North & South Dakota on vacation during the fall of the year when the trees are turning color.

The color is magnificent, but it reminds us that a process is taking place. The cold weather has changed the nature of the tree and the leaves are no longer receiving the life-giving juices. Those leaves are drying up and in time will fall and drift away.

(k) The same thing is true of us spiritually. The life-giving juices of the Holy Spirit begin to leak out of our bucket because of our lack of focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. One day you will fall and drift away just like a leaf. This is the path of a drifter!

Trans...Can we escape from this destructive path?

II. Can We Escape from Destruction? (Vs 3)

A. The answer is no if we continue to neglect so great a salvation.

1. If those of a previous age, receiving revelation by a far less superior means (angels), were justly recompensed for every transgression and disobedience, how shall we escape?

2. Experiences alone are not enough, you need to have the disciplines of grace.

(a) Prayer & meditation

(b) Study & memorization of the word

(c) Fasting

(d) Service

(e) Worship

(f) Fellowship ... just to name a few!

B. We can escape the fall of our lives if we (on purpose) refuse to neglect and pay careful attention to the Savior who brought about so great of a salvation.

1. Vs 3b makes the statement ‘ was confirmed to us by those who heard ....’

2. Remember this is the book of faith heroes who surround us, and who have confirmed for us this great salvation.

3. If we fail to hear the witness of those who surround us in the faith through history we are bound to live a very shallow existence and most likely we will fall (or drift) away.

4. Illus... TOPIC: Entire Sanctification

SUBTOPIC: A Better Experience

TITLE: The Larger Building

One day in a large city, we obtained a striking spiritual lesson in the study of a new City Hall building. We had heard with regret that the former edifice, which covered a full block, was to be torn down and replaced with another. The first was quite handsome, and with its Corinthian columns and graceful architectural lines had repeatedly won our admiration as we passed by. The city in the work of change removed half of the old, and erected half of the new structure. So that the two stand now side by side, and making a

contrast so marked in favor of the new, over against the old, that it only requires a glance to see the difference. Then as we look at the recent building, with its majestic pillars, lofty walls, spacious chambers, broad windows letting in floods of light, we wonder how we ever could have been satisfied with the ancient structure.

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