Summary: Christians need to ne reminded of Truth in Christ, falsehood from the antichrist, and our anointing.

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We Need To Be Reminded. I Jn. 2:18-27

INTRO.: I was traveling with another preacher to a meeting. Our group met in a restaurant in a large mall in Chicago. After the meeting, we left the mall and could not locate our car. We split up and searched the lot row by row. No car. We decided to call the police and report the car stolen. "First," I suggested, "Let’s go back into the mall and retrace our steps."

As we reentered the mall, we both immediately recognized the flight of stairs we had come down earlier. We had parked on the upper level of the lot and had exited on the lower level. Our car was found! We knew where the car was. We only needed to be reminded.

John tells his readers they are living in the last hour and false teaching is everywhere. He acknowledges they already know this and informs them of his desire to remind them of truth they already know.

What does John mean by the last hour? Note, John says the last hour is characterized by false teachers leading God’s people astray. This was a concern in John’s day and it still is. It will always be. There have always been false teachers. Therefore, in this case, the last days refer to the final dispensation; the time between the death of Jesus and the end of time. Otherwise, we must accept the notion John was mistaken, and he was not.

False teaching is to be expected. It was predicted. But, we can maintain the faith and prevail over trials if "what you have heard from the beginning remains in you." verse 24. It’s important we remind ourselves of certain things:

I. We already know the Truth. We need to remind ourselves frequently. The Truth is Christ.

A. Christians at Rome were in the same boat. Rom. 15:14, 15

1. Most Christians know the basics of their faith and know where to find the answers to deeper issues. They know God’s Word.

2. No one has exclusive knowledge of Truth. It is available to all.

3. My goal as a Preacher is not to deliver new truth, but to remind you of The Truth.

B. Confessing the Truth (Christ) brings us into fellowship with the Father. 23b

1. Jesus will acknowledge us before the Father. Mt. 10:32.

2. No one time thing, we acknowledge (confess) Christ with life and lips day by. day.

3. The time will come when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. Will it be too late for some of us. Will we confess Him with joy or fear.

C. There are certain Christian practices in which we confess Christ, The Truth:

1. Christian baptism: a witness to His death and resurrection.

2. The Lord’s Supper: We proclaim His death until He returns.

3. Verbally, we confess Him through witnessing, preaching, teaching, inviting, etc.

II. We know the liar, the antichrist, is here also:

A. Who is an antichrist?

1. Prefix "anti" may mean "opposed to" or "taking the place of."Antichrist may be either or both. There are many antichrists.

2. Nero, the Pope, Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, Hussein have all been called antichrist. They all are (or were).

3. Antichrist is an evil principle actively hostile to God. It lives in every generation. Antichrist may appear as a person in Revelation, but not here. Here, there are "many antichrists."

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