Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A sermon of encouragment when it seems like the devil has you defeated. You can have your stuff back!

My bro & sis we are living in the last and evil days.

My bros & sis we are living in a crazy time.

We are living in a world where people are running around out of control.

We live in a world filled with people plotting terroristic attacks on our country

We live in a world where some of us has seen gas go from a nickel, to 45 cents to $1 to $2 to $3.00 a gallon.

We live in a world where girls are having kids at a younger age and high school drop outs is the norm

We live in a world where our kids are given psychiatric diagnoses at 3 & 4 years old and labeled un-teachable before the get a chance to prove themselves.

My bro and sis we live in a world full of girls gone wild, guys gone wild, kids gone wild, cat gone wild, dog gone wild, everybody is going wild.

And you know what makes it so bad, while everyone is going wild about the things of the world, it seems as though less people are going wild for Jesus. Nobody is going wild for saving souls. Nobody is caring about the kids

(Before you say Amen and Hi five)

I want to let you know that the church is not any better! Because it seems that Christians are going wild too.

You got deacons carrying guns to church

Preachers with 9 & 10 girlfriends in church

Women dressing like hoochi mommas in church

Folk are smoking, drinking, and cussing on the church ground

People coming to church just for a fashion show,

Coming to see who can sing the best, everybody watching everybody else

No body is willing to loose they mind for Christ.

Nobody willing to go wild for Jesus.

We come to church with our make up on and our hair straight and we leave with your makeup on and our hair straight.

Don’t nobody break a nail, break a heel, catch a run in your patty hose nothing.

My bro and sis not only has the world gone crazy but we in the church seems to be going crazy too

(Least I hold you to long) Let’s call our friend David for some help

Here in our text today, we find David has just come back to camp. He had been on a long journey, he has had to dodge Saul who was out to kill him and just came out of the land of the Philistines and he & his men were tired and ready to get home.

- Right off the bat, Can you connect with David right here?

- have you ever been tired and ready to get home?

- Tired from work or a long day running around shopping or even coming from vacation or out of town

somewhere and just ready to get home.

-Tired from a full day of going to church, or from a full day of out helping other people, or sick and tired

of being sick and tired and you just ready to get home. There is no place like home is it?

- I can see David saying yea, can’t wait to get home. Imma get my wife to fix me some bath water, Imma get the other wife to make me a plate of beans and kill me a calf. Soak in the tub, get my feet and back rubbed on, eat me a good meal and maybe have me a little wine. Can’t you see David saying I’m been running for Jesus a long time and I’m not tired yet, but I’m ready to get home. Anybody been like that, just ready to get home.

- But Oh what distress it must have been, Oh what heartache he must have felt when as soon as he got to the camp here comes the report that the Amalekites had burned the camp down, not only had they burned the camp down, but they took all the women and children. I might would have been able to deal with a house fire, but he got robbed and burned out. A Double whammy. My God anybody ever been hit with a double Whammy in one day?

- Anybody ever been told your son is sick, plus you bounced a check?

- You check got garnished and you got a shut off notice?

- You lost your job and your rent do

- Anybody ever been given bad news twice in one day?

Although David got the double Whammy we see that God was still in the situation. We have to learn to find God in all our situations, no matter how bad it looks.

Look at the Text! 1st sign that God was with David in this situation

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