Summary: This the first sermon in a 5 sermon series on spiritual wholeness.

We also can be made Whole (John 5:1-15 KJV)

We live in a day and age where we are bombarded with various advertisements for self enhancement. There is also a big surge in the production of self help material.

There are even mediums in place for one who seeks to explore relationships with a significant other. Why the great appeal for these avenues? Why are we so tempted to look into the next and so-called better way of living?

I would state that there is something that we are looking for that has obviously eluded us. Whatever that something may be, many of us still long to achieve it. Whether it is financial prosperity, a more firmer or solid body type, intellectual stimulation, a peace of mind, spiritual maturity and the list could go on and on.

We all want something more out of life. These needs, wants or desires come to all of us at every age level and does not discriminate based on one’s ethnic origin, socio-economic status, mental capacity or

religious belief system. It is suffice to say that each of us wants more out of life in one form or another.

If I were to take a poll in this place, I am sure that each of you could also state that there is something that you still desire in life that has eluded you. The reason I raise this point is because the passage of scripture read earlier really personifies for us what can occur at any given moment of our lives as long as there is a God of Creation in existence.

Yes my brothers and sister, we too can be made whole by the God of Creation. I will attempt to lift this concept up in the next few weeks. This passage of scripture can serve as a model passage of scripture for all of us who desire to be made whole.

First of all, to be made whole may mean various things to various individuals. Depending upon

what it is that one desires at present. As I have stated earlier, we all have needs and as long as there is a God of Creation in existence, our needs can and will be met.

Having said of all of that, I think that it is fair to say that we do play a part in having those perceived needs and even desires of ours met.

This is evident here with the man that Jesus healed from being infirmed for thirty eight years. To this date, that man was infirmed longer than I have even lived in this life.

Great debate has been made as to what actually took place during this healing process among theologians. Although I have been theologically trained, I still believe that there are some things that God can do that even the human mind cannot fathom. Therefore, when I read this passage, I read it from the standpoint that something marvelous took place for one individual in a rare instance. I also see in this passage a message of hope for anyone

who has had to deal with an issue for an extended period of time.

Everything written in scripture can serve as valid proof for the believer that God is able to do whatever God chooses to do whenever God chooses to do it. We’ve already been given some background information regarding this situation. The miraculous healing took place after Jesus had healed a man’s son from afar in Cana of Galilee, the place where he performed his first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding.

We’re told that a festival was going on in Jerusalem and Jesus is in the vacinity. We’re also told that he is positioned in an area where there are individuals who are sick and in need of some form of healing. Our background information via the scripture also helps us to that from a historical standpoint, legend has it that something mysterious and

miraculous would occur for some lucky person who happens to get him or her self in this particular body of water at the right time.

There is also the man there who was in need of a miracle much like some of us today. Maybe not a physical healing, but there is someone in this place in need of something miraculous to occur in one’s life. Why this man at this particular time, God only

knows. Just like God knows the right time to intervene on our behalf. Who was this man?

The scriptures only give us information regarding the length of his illness, it doesn’t even

give us his name. Does that really matter when it comes to the Lord? I don’t think so. You see, we may not know the man’s name, but the Lord definitely knew it and also knew what he needed at that given moment.

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