Summary: So many are dissatisfied, disillusioned, and desperate - and some of them then turn and seek Jesus to fill the void! Link inc. to formatted text, audio, PowerPoint.

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We Would See Jesus

John 12:20-22

What a motto! I trust that you didn't come to hear me today, but to hear from Jesus, and to see Him in His Word! Do you go to a Christian concert in order to 'see' that quartet, or to see Jesus? You know that person in the church you love so very much, and you overflow with respect for's because you see Jesus in them. And you want to emulate them, because you want to be like that, and for others to see those qualities in you. Jesus: Is He in you? Do you see Him today?

These in our text make this request because they want to meet Jesus, face to face. I think we should all be making this request, every day. I pray that someone will meet Jesus today for the first time!

These guys were Greeks. Gentiles, not Jews. And yet they came to Jerusalem to the Jewish feast of Passover in order to worship the Jewish God. Why?

3 reasons they wanted to see Jesus:

1. Dissatisfaction.

There was a group in the 60s called the Rolling Stones [you haven't heard of them because you've lived such a clean life!] They did a song called 'Satisfaction.' [I can't get no...] In 2004 Rolling Stone magazine placed "Satisfaction" in the second spot on its list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Seriously? How could that be? It can't be because of Mick Jaggar's voice. If he were on one of these talent shows today he would be the one they make fun of. Still today, he comes on the TV and you wonder if you got the cat's tail with your rocker. It's not because of some genius guitar's 3 notes. Why does that song resonate so? Because it touches a major's the heart cry of our world that is unfulfilled and dissatisfied. They try everything they can to fill the void, and nothing does.

Yes, there's a hole in each of our hearts, and it is God-shaped, and nothing else will fit! Pleasure won't do it, nor popularity, possessions, or pills. And so, man gets to the end of his efforts and if he wises up he says, I would see Jesus!

The Greeks were known for their superior intellectualism and philosophical prowess. Men like Plato and Aristotle and Socrates had already given their full teachings. But philosophy is just a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't really there. And just because he has a beard to stroke doesn't mean I'm buying it!

They pride themselves in answering questions that no one is asking. Who cares if the falling tree in the forest makes a sound? Let's answer real, practical questions, like, if a man gives his opinion in the forest and his wife isn't there to hear it, is he still wrong?

ill.--a world renowned philosopher was earning $30k per speech. He didn't like to fly so he hired a chauffeur to drive him all over the country. He would stand in the back of the room and had the speech memorized. One day he was driving the philosopher and he had to speak up. "It's just not right. You'll earn 30 grand for this same talk and I could give it myself...but I'm working for peanuts." The philosopher said, "Oh yeah, you think so? Let's trade clothes. They've never seen me. You give the speech and I'll stand in the back. And if you get it right, word for word, I'll give you the money!" "Deal." He gave the speech perfectly. It was almost over, and then a lady in the back raised her hand. "Uh oh." She asked, "Do you feel that an episcomological universe is still valid in the existential world?" He thought for a second and replied, "I'm shocked that you would ask such a simple question. This one's so easy, I'm gonna let my driver answer it!"

Philosophy can only take you so far, and it will never satisfy. Philosophy is designed to elevate man to be his own God. There's no absolutes any longer. All truth is relative, and man is the one who decides.

No wonder we're in such a mess. God gave us absolutes for our own benefit. We need to know what is right and what is wrong. Standards are like walls which protect us and give us security.

ill.--ever been at a stop light and you look at the car next to you and you can tell, one of you is moving. What's the first thing you do? Step on your brake. What if the other car is moving? You are a little disoriented, so you look for a fixed object. A telephone pole or a building, perhaps. You want to get your bearing so your world doesn't keep spinning. Now, what if the buildings and poles were also moving? You see, that's the problem today with philosophy and relativism and no's no wonder no one can find security and satisfaction! It's no wonder we're only grateful one day a year and that is ruined at 5 AM the next day!

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