Summary: The Holy Spirit took fisherman, former prostitutes, ex-religious leaders, tax collectors, and various family members of Jesus and the other disciples and formed them into a united group…we call the church.

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Today across our group of churches is Healing and Wholeness Sunday.

We are a Pentecostal Church and we believe that God can and does Heal people every day.

So why do we have a specific day dedicated to Healing and Wholeness?

In many ways today is no different from any other day but often we need to be reminded that God is God and God is able to heal.

In whatever circumstance or situation we find ourselves we can trust our God to care and bless.

When we read in the bible the amazing accounts of miraculous healing we are often amazed by the change that God can bring into a persons life.

And maybe, we wrongly assume that was then and this is now.

It is so easy for us to ignore the truth that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Our God can bring healing and wholeness today.

Our God can change your circumstance today.

Perhaps some of us, like the idea of God healing, read about it, prayed about it, but we have not experienced healing in our own lives.

Because of our experiences, we can be skeptical when it comes to healing services or healing prayer.

If someone is healed, if someone is changed - rather than praise God - we may even try to rationalise or explain it away.

When we trust God, we allow Him to move and work in our lives.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us, when we allow Him to do what He can do, then we can experience His touch on our lives, then we can experience a fresh fire in our lives as we allow Him to work in us and through us.

Today can be a day that can impact each and everyone of us.

My prayer is that all of us will allow ourselves to be healed, inspired, moved and changed by the Holy Spirit - not just today but every day of our lives.

Friends, this morning it is God’s desire that you experience healing and wholeness in your life.

Whatever circumstance or situation you are in today you can trust your God to care and bless.

But you need to allow the Spirit to work in your life. Do not quench the power of the Spirit in your own life,

Allow the Spirit to change you and shape you and heal you today.

Allow the Holy Spirit to make you the person God has called you to be today.

Today allow the Holy Spirit space to take control!

Would a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit make a difference in your life today?

Do you want a fresh fire in your life today?

Fresh fire, a fresh supply, fresh anointing, fresh power, a burning love for God, a burning love to know Him and to serve Him.

Does your heart and mind and life need to be touched and changed by the Power of God today?

Do you need Him to Heal you and make you whole today?

In this world, so many lives are broken, so many relationships are damaged, so many are in despair, so many prodigals seem to be wandering in the wilderness.

Perhaps in your own life this morning it feels like the situation is impossible.

In your own strength it probably is.

But in God’s strength. In His might, in His love, in His Grace, all things are possible. He is the God of the impossible.

The miracles that occurred in Bible times, can and do still occur today.

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