Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We have been given weapons for this Battle against Satan.

• I read a post from Mark Hall last week.

• One of the strongest weapons that Satan uses against us: the illusion of the power to limit.

• Satan does everything in his power to limit us, just like one would with the tree,

• Trying to place us in a small pot, trying to trim off all our new branches, and wiring new branches so they grow his way.

2 Corinthians 10:4-5

o -Our battle against Satan is not one fought with traditional weapons.

o -we already have the power to win the battle

o -this battle is won by destroying the arguments and words of Satan

• This battle is one, when we can break the pots that Satan has placed us in

• Our greatest weapon against this strategy? TO GROW.

• I know that sounds like a simple answer, but it is the truest answer.

The weapons of war:

1. We grow with our praise

a. Praise silences the enemy

i. When we give credit where Credit is due, Satan has no power

ii. Our praise changes to tone of our lives.

1. The more we thing and speak about Jesus, the less room Satan has to speak to us!

2. If your like me, it only take a second for me to lose my focus on Christ for Satan to get an inroad in my head and heart

a. But when we can constantly speak words of praise, Christ goes before us into battle

b. Last week Lauren pointed out that so many times, God sent the instruments of praise into battle first.

c. Why do you think that is! Because our words of praise are powerful!

2. We grow in our study

a. This is about the word of God.

i. In the Armor of God, it is called the surd of the spirit

ii. The bible is primary place to gain understand and knowledge about and from God

1. Don’t get me wrong, there are other great places

a. Preaching / teaching by others

b. Books and study guides

c. Even prophetic words


a. Scripture is God Breathed, and intended for our growth

3. When we read, study, and write the words of scripture on our hearts, we take way the power of Satan to plant us in a small pot.

a. Instead we give the power to Christ!

3. We grow by the blood of Jesus

a. This tool is so powerful to us, and so often ignored,

b. Satan is an accuser.

c. But the blood of Jesus, has set us free from his accusations.

d. Why because Jesus took the price for all our sins and wrong doings

e. When we are in Christ, Satan has no accusation to make against us.

f. The power of Jesus Blood poured out for you takes away all the power that Satan has

i. Satan wants to trim our branches.

1. He wants to control the growth


i. Satan does not own you, and his trimming is designed to destroy you.

ii. But the pruning that God does? That is designed to make you healthy, stronger, and ready for service to God.

iii. We have to stop letting Satan have power over us, and instead say: you have not authority to destroy my growth. I am a blood bought child of GOD.

4. We grow with our prayer

a. Prayer is not preparation for the battle,

i. It is the battle.

1. A life of constant prayer, is such a powerful tool against Satan.

ii. To not pray is to surrender to Satan

1. the heart of revival is prayer.

b. If we want to see the world changed, and Satan defeated, we have to be on our knees praying and communing with God.

5. We grow by using our spiritual gifts

a. Do you think for a moment that Satan wants you to use the gifts that God has given to you?

i. Of course not.

ii. Because if you use those gifts, you will be furthering the kingdom.

b. If you are not using the gifts that God has given you, you are letting Satan win.

c. We have to use the gifts


6. We grow with the sharing of our Testimony

a. Every time we share, that Christ won us over, we win a victory over Satan.

b. The heart of our testimony is that Jesus paid the price for our sins.

i. Remember you testimony is all about who we were before Christ, but our testimony in what Christ has and is doing in us.

ii. Our testimony should take the focus off of us and place it on Christ.

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