Summary: Although many of us would rather deny it, we are in a constant battle. This battle is not against other men, but against Satan and his demons. In order to be successful in our battle, we must wear each piece of God's armour. What are these pieces?

Ephesians 6:10-18

Introduction: Although many of us would rather deny it, we are in a constant battle against Satan and his demons.

As with any good soldier, we must not only wear our armour, but use the pieces of our armour in our defense against the archenemy Satan.

Paul in our text, reminds us of the pieces of armour that God has provided in order to help us fight, defend, and overcome Satan's attacks.

What are these pieces of armour that God has provided?

1. The Girdle of truth (vs. 14).

A. After reminding us that Satan is on the prowl looking to attack the believer at any moment, Paul tells the Ephesians that God has rightly equipped the believer for victory over Satan (vs. 10-13).

B. The first piece of armour that he shares is called the girdle of truth, which refers to one's integrity. The girdle was used to hold the soldier's weapons, such as his sword, knife, or even sling. The girdle held all of the pieces of armour together so that the whole body would be protected. The term integrity, means your undivided attention to your leader, and your undivided commitment to following His will.

C. As many of you will remember, that was one of the traits of Job that God so quickly pointed out to Satan (Job 2:1-6). Further, Job's wife even asked him, why his integrity was so strong, that he should give it up and curse God and die (Job 2:9).

D. In order to be a good soldier and win the battle against Satan, the believer must be fully committed to the Lord, and no matter what befalls him, he must remain faithful to God.

2. The Breastplate of Righteousness (vs. 14).

A. As the breastplate protected the vital organs of the soldier, so righteousness should be the choice of lifestyle for us as believers.

B. In order to overcome the attacks of Satan, we must choose each day to follow after God's will for our lives. We must come to trust that God knows what He is doing and that each day He has plans for our lives, which we may not always understand, but that will help us to become pleasing servants for Him.

C. Remember, the closer to God you are, the more frequently the attacks will become. Therefore, when choosing to follow God's plan, be prepared for Satan to attack, but remember the Breastplate will protect you every time.

3. The Footwear of the Gospel (vs. 15).

A. Just as every soldier needed to wear the proper protective gear for his feet, our feet should be used to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

B. The gospel message becomes our stability in Christ, and spreading the gospel shows our mobility for God. The proper footwear also provides proper balance for the soldier. If a soldier's progression can be stopped, he could be easily defeated. When we take the gospel with us, we cannot be stopped, and we can accomplish God's will.

C. Are you taking the gospel with you? Are you prepared to share the gospel with all you come in contact with? Be sure to remain balanced in your service, and God will bless you with victory over Satan each time.

4. The Shield of Faith (vs. 16).

A. As the shield was used by the soldier to deflect arrows, darts, and even stones hurled at him, so our faith helps to quench or stop the darts or attack of the wicked one.

B. Our faith reveals that we trust in God. Although you may doubt your own ability, never doubt God's ability to deliver you out of harms way.

C. The shield used by soldiers was sometimes small, and other times as big as a door. When your faith is strong, there is nothing that the enemy can throw at you that can penetrate if you only believe and trust in God. Your faith should continue to grow, after each victory you are given.

5. The Helmet of Salvation (vs. 17).

A. As the helmet protected the head of the soldier, so our salvation refers to our commitment to God.

B. We are saved from the power of sin, the penalty of sin, and one day even the presence of sin. Therefore, in order to keep our minds from becoming unstable, or our thoughts divided, we must keep our helmet on.

C. Remember that the enemy Satan will try to influence your thoughts and decisions as much as possible. To keep him from influencing you, keep your helmet on and your mind filled with the things of God (Philippians 4:8).

6. The Sword of the Spirit (vs. 17).

A. Every soldier needs a weapon in order to defend himself and keep himself protected. The word of God becomes that weapon for the believer.

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