Summary: Getting the weeds out of our life

Sermon: Weedy Seedy Christians Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 July 21, 2002

I. Introduction

A. A Story

1. A blonde was hard up for money, so she went walking around her neighborhood looking for odd jobs to do. She met a nice man who said he would give her work. All she had to do was paint his porch white and he’d give her twenty bucks. She agreed so he gave her a bucket of paint and left. He walked into his house, laughing. He told his wife what he had done. “Frank, our porch covers half of the house. You’re so mean.” His wife replied. Three hours later, the blond came into the house, gave the bucket of white paint back to the man and announced she was finished. The astonished man was so impressed he gave her a $100 bill and asked how in the world she had finished it so quickly. “It takes time, but it was easy,” was her reply. And as she turned to go she stopped and said “Oh and by the way it’s a Ferrari not a Porsche. (When you put your hope in the materialism of this world you’ll find out your porsche isn’t a Ferrari either.)

2. You’re probably wondering what in the world that story has to do with today’s sermon, wondering why I told that story, if you are then you have just found yourself exactly where the disciples are in today’s scripture.

B. Jesus’ Story - Jesus told them another parable…Then he left the crowd and went into the house (Where) his disciples came to him and said “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.”

1. The disciples had been following Jesus around all day, all that day.

a) You know “That same day”

(1) That same day that Jesus had addressed the controversy of plucking grain on the Sabbath

(2) That same day that Jesus caused a controversy by healing on the Sabbath

(3) That same day that Jesus that had to rebuked the Pharisees refusing to give them a sign

(4) That same day when Jesus mother and brothers showed up wanting to take him home because they were beginning to think he was crazy

(5) That same day when He was accused of being aligned with Satan

(6) That same day Jesus when he had left the house to sit by the lake and tell the story of the Parable of the Sower

(7) It was that same day that Jesus told this story The Parable of the Weeds

2. If you will take your handout with me MATT 13:24 (On the left side)

a) To me this is almost a laughable situation

(1) the disciples, the declared followers of this Jesus, elite, the inner circle, had followed Jesus around all day. They had listened to his stories.

(2) I mean I can almost see it - they had sat there among the masses listening to Jesus’ stories shaking their heads, nodding, giving understanding thoughtful gazes like they knew exactly what he is talking about and then, THEN when they get inside behind closed door

(3) They go uhmmm Jesus you know that Parable of the Weeds things - well uhmm ,we didn’t quite get it.

b) Jesus must have looked at them, shook his head and sighed VERSE 37

(1) Got it now - And their response was probably just like yours - “Oh, yeah okay…, nope! We still don’t get it.

(2) I imagine they probably sat there with Jesus for hours discussing and debating the different aspects of the story and its lessons but this morning I only have 15-20 minutes so I better just share with you what I think the story means

II. The Point of the Story

A. VS 24 - The man/the sower is Jesus and the good seed are the Christians who were sown in the good soil of last week.

1. Jesus has planted good seeds, he has broadcast an abundance of good seed out there with the expectation the seed would grow. Did you get that?

2. Jesus expects the good seed to grow.. He expects the seed of his word to grow, mature and bring forth good fruit in the life of His children. He expects the seed to grow in His church and bring forth the fruit of new converts. He expects the good seed to grow through new ideas, a new vision and a fresh testimony that will bring glory and honor to God.

3. Jesus didn’t plant the seed with the expectation that it would remain dormant, hibernated in the depths of the good soil.

4. He planted the seed with the expectation it would grow. Jesus planted the good seed for the purpose of it growing and bearing the fruits.

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