Summary: Week 23 in a study thriugh the book of Revelation

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“The Sixth Trumpet”

Date: December 11, 2002

Place: Allendale Baptist Church

Text: Revelation 9:13-21


As we closed our study last Wednesday evening, we looked at the 5th trumpet judgment. We said the last three of the trumpet judgments are called “woe” judgments. I gave you a definition of woe meaning real bad.

Verses 13 & 14

“Horns of the golden alter”

In Exodus 30:2 we are given God’s design for the golden alter of incense which included small protrusions or horns on each corner.

That golden alter speaks of prayer; this is where the angel offered prayer at the beginning of the blowing of the trumpets.

This is normally a place of mercy, as God responded to His people’s prayers; the altar will resound with a cry for vengeance.

“Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.”

Scripture never refers to holy angels as being bound.

These are fallen angels.

We see here God’s control extends even to the demonic forces; they are bound or freed at God’s command.


This is one of the 4 rivers which flowed through the Garden of Eden.

Why are they bound at this particular location?

The sin of man began here. The first murder was committed here. The first war was fought here. Here is where the flood began and spread over the earth. In this area is where the tower of Babel was erected.

And here is a final surge of sin on the earth during the great tribulation.

Verses 15

“The hour and day and month and year”

I believe we must take this very literally, because the hour and day and month and year are marked out.

No man knows. God works according to His predetermined plan.

When the disciples wanted a precise fixed time on these end time matters. Jesus said in Matthew 24:36; “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.”

It should concern us greatly when people say they know when all this will take place, because no man knows when God will accomplish this.

Verse 16

This verse is very clear; it speaks of a great military force that will kill one-third of the earth’s population.

Some see this as a reference to forces accompanying the kings of the east and identify them with a human army coming from Asia.

Some say that the nations of India, China and Japan could easily assemble this size of an army all from the east.

The language used here is better understood as referring to a demon force that makes war with the earth’s inhabitants and kills one-third of humanity.

This is again a result of Satan opening the door of the shaft of the bottomless pit.

The description of these horsemen further confirms this in the next verses.

Verse 17

Remember we said earlier in our study on the 4 horsemen, that the horse is an animal which symbolizes war.

Some try to explain what these are. Some say they are tanks or other vehicles of destruction.

But it seems to me that we are given here a literal description of these creatures.

William R. Newell says in his book on Revelation; “Believe and you scarcely need any comment.”

The problem with most people when they come to a study of Revelation is they simply have a difficult time believing.

Verse 18

“Fire, smoke and brimstone”

These three plagues mentioned here are literal plagues.

Brimstone is a yellowish, sulfuric rock. When ignited such deposits melt and produce burning streams and suffocating gases.

Remember that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by the same plague.

Those two cities and become so sinful and turned so far away from the truth of God and both were totally destroyed.

How much worse have our time and our age decayed. Homosexuality, abortion, crime, murder, child abuse. On and on and on….

Verse 19

“For their power is in their mouth and in their tails; for their tails are like serpents, having heads; and with them they do harm”

I have been slapped a time or two by the tail of a horse or a bull or cow.

But it seems very clear these are not ordinary horses.

This speaks of these demons abilities to vent their destruction from both directions.

Verse 20 & 21

This to me is very devastating and saddens me.

Although two-thirds of mankind survived these plagues, they did not repent, but continued to bow down to demons and handmade idols which are lifeless and useless.

Punishment and suffering cannot change the sinner’s nature. Only the new birth can do that.

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