Summary: Psalm 24 - Jesus the King. (PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

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(1). The Creator God (vs 1-2)

(2). The Holy God (vs 3-6)

(3). The Sovereign God (vs 7-10)



• Joshua Bell emerged from the Metro (subway train station);

• And positioned himself against a wall beside a waste bin.

• By most measures, he was nondescript:

• A youngish white man in jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and a baseball cap.

• From a small case, he removed a violin.

• Placing the open case at his feet, with a few coins placed in as seed money;

• He began to play.

• For the next 45 minutes, in the D.C. Metro on January 12, 2007,

• Bell played Mozart and Schubert as over 1,000 people streamed by,

• Most hardly taking notice.

• If they had paid attention,

• They might have recognized the young man for the world-renowned violinist he is.

• They also might have noted the violin he played;

• It was a rare Stradivarius worth over $3 million.

• Just three days earlier, Joshua Bell sold out Boston Symphony Hall,

• With ordinary seats going for $100.

• In the subway, Bell reaped about $32;

• From the 27 people who stopped long enough to give a donation.

• TRANSITION: That story was an experimental project;

• Organised by The Washington Post newspaper.

• Two thousand years earlier another great,

• In fact the greatest royal personage walked among people and most of them missed him!

• Failing to recognise him for who he was and is – King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

• And yet a thousand years earlier;

• One man, a shepherd, a musician, a warrior and a king himself;

• Inspired by the Holy Spirit of God:

• Looked down the lens of prophecy and recognised King Jesus!

• And that is the theme of this psalm.


Psalms 22, 23, and 24 are a group of psalms written by King David.

• It has often been pointed out that these three Psalms (22, 23 & 24) form a trilogy;

• The cross (Psalm 22), the crook (Psalm 23), and the crown (Psalm 24),

• These three Psalms (22, 23 & 24) form a trilogy;

• They fit together and complement one another because;

• They cover the past, the present, and the future.

• They speak of Christ as the Sufferer in Psalm 22,

• Christ as the Shepherd in Psalm 23,

• And Christ as the Sovereign in Psalm 24.

• They fit together each and work together as a threesome;

• To know Christ as Shepherd, we must first meet him first at the cross as our saviour.

• And to know his continued care & guidance in our lives;

• We must make him sovereign, the king, the ruler of our lives!

Note: Psalm 24 has traditionally been interpreted in a threefold way:


• Jewish tradition says that this psalm was written;

• To commemorate David bringing back the ark of covenant to Jerusalem,

• The ark had a temporary resting place in the house of Obed-Edon the Gittite;

• But now it would have a permanent resting place in Jerusalem.

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