Summary: The Book of Job teaches us that the things happening in the Spiritual world affect us on a daily basis in our Physical world..

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Much credit goes to Rev. Mike Riches for some of the ideas in this sermon.

Text Job 1:6 -19; Job 2:7-10;


Where is your Passion?

What is it that gives you the most joy in your life?

If someone had asked me that question before I gave up the street life--my answer would have been, WINE--WOMEN and PERSONAL PLEASURE!

Today, the things that gives me the most joy in life are when I can help someone turn around and give their life to Christ

--watching men and women grow in the AA program as they stay clean and sober

-- and helping children better prepare themselves for kindergarten by teaching them about love and respect in our Faith Based Preschool.

That is where my passion lies!

That is why I get up every morning Thanking God for another opportunity to serve Him!

Where is your Passion?

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

What is your Joy based on?

For those of you who were here last week you will recall I spoke to you about "discovering our God given purpose in life", and then making a conscious decision to accept and fulfill that purpose.

Many Christians have already discerned their purpose and are actively seeking to live out that purpose. Others may still be wrestling with the idea and have yet to make a choice.

Let me say this for those of you who haven't made a choice . For those of you who are struggling and have not totally surrendered YOUR WILL to God's will--it may be that your passion for the PHYSICAL is greater than your passion for the SPIRITUAL.

Because at the end of the day, the choices you make and the road you choose will be determined by whatever you're most passionate about!

Let me show you how you can determine where your passion lies.

All you have to do is answer 3 simple questions.

1. How do I spend my time? What do I spend the most time doing?

2. What do I talk about the most? What are most of your conversations about?

3. How do I spend my money? What do I spend the most of my money on?

No one gets more of my income than God's Church! Why?

Because God is the one who allows me to have what I have in the first place. It seems like the natural the natural thing for me to do is to make sure the church get the first and the most of my increase?

On the same note, What do I spend the least of my time doing?

What do I talk about the least?

What do I spend the least amount of my money on?

When I answer those three questions it lets me know what is at the bottom of my priorities or what I am least passionate about. If our passion is for the things in the physical realm, those things that are attractive to our five senses, it will be hard and almost impossible for us to choose to live for God's purposes for our life because our physical desires are in a constant battle with God's spiritual desires. Am I telling the truth? Then somebody ought to say Amen.

If our passion is for the things in the physical realm then we will ultimately choose to live in a manner that brings us physical, temporary pleasure because that is what gives us the most joy. Amen!

The only problem with that is when we choose anything or any path that doesn't lead to Christ, we have made the wrong choice and our spiritual souls will be lost forever.

You know, the Bible teaches that we live in two realms. Not two worlds but two realms.

A realm is defined as:

1. A community or territory over which a sovereign rules.

2. A sovereign is one possessing, or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty

b: one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere

There is a natural or physical realm in which we can see.

And then there is a invisible, or spiritual realm in which we cannot see.

God rules in the spiritual or the invisible realm while Satan rules in the physical realm.

These two realms interact and influence one another every day.

The spiritual realm affects your life and my life!

It affects families and singles.

It affects marriages,

Churches, communities, states, nations.

The spiritual realm affects anything you can name.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes do something and then you can't figure out why you did it?

Have you ever experience a strong feeling about what you ought to be doing for Jesus but for some reason you can't make yourself speak up, step up and step out?

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