Summary: You think you had a bad day

INTRO: Have you ever had a day that was so busy that you wish it would end? I remember when I worked in the accounting field. There were days I would dread what would come once a month (reconcile). That’s where you would find all the mistakes over the previous month. I remember on one occasion I was 20 million off.

So you have to find the mistakes plus do all your other work. I was doing two jobs to begin with so it was a miserable week. Come to find out, it was not my error.

Today we’re going to look at a day in the life of Jesus and see how hectic his days were and what He did.

TITLE: What A Day

TEXT: Matt. 14:12

TS: Take your Bibles and turn to Matthew 14:12. We will be looking at all the gospel accounts of these events to help get a better picture of what happened. Pray.

I. Hectic Morning – Jesus is entering his second year of ministry.

A. Sad news – John beheaded.

1. John was cousin of Jesus, co-worker, close friend, forerunner of Jesus.

-Matthew 11:10 – “I will send my messenger ahead of you who will prepare the way before you.”

2. Upsetting enough was an accident but was murdered (foolish vow).

*Day started off on a sad note.

B. Jesus withdraws (verse 13) Mark 6:30 – 31 gives us some more insight into situation.

1. Apostles return missions trip (12, two by two, driving out demons, healing etc.)

-Scriptures does not tell us how long they were gone – week, month.

a. Tired and hungry, many people, no rest.

b. Jesus instructs: go by yourselves to a quiet place to get some rest.

-Need rest after a long trip.

C. Crowd follows (verse 33) trying to get some peace and quiet, quality time with closest friends, only to

find out it was not going to happen.

Illustration – wedding camera man (video), like a leech sucking blood. It’s the camera man taking

precious time.

*Like Jesus wanting to spend special time with friends but there are thousands of people standing on

the shore.

D. Jesus’ compassion (verse 34) not anger. GK “to be moved as to one’s bowels.”

-Idea: something grips you so much that you can feel it way down in the pit of your stomach.

1. Sheep without a shepherd (certain destruction).

2. Jesus began teaching, healing, sacrificing his own time and energy.

-Like some here sacrifice time and energy to do the Father’s will.

TS – Teaching and healing went on in the afternoon.

II. Long afternoon – verse 35 tells us it’s in the afternoon.

A. Climate conditions: Hot sun, not much cloud cover, humid, hot breeze.

1. Thousands of people jamming in to get close to Jesus (no deodorant).

B. Apostles tire (verse 36) (READ) concerned about food for people (just saying that to look good). I

believe they just wanted some peace and quiet.

C. Lord tests apostles (verse 37) – “You give them something to eat.”

1. Come back from a successful ministry trip (driving out demons, healing the sick, teaching many good


-Jesus wanted to see them in action.

*I believe Jesus wanted to expand the impossible for them, to take them to a new level of faith.

D. Apostles fail – overwhelmed with the magnitude of miracle. Response: Eight months’ wages to feed

these people.

E. Lord responds (verses 38-44) Instructed people to sit down, looked to heave, gave thanks, broke bread

and passed to disciples, who passed it out, ate, were satisfied. Picked up 12 baskets full of bread and


Spiritual truths:

1. Jesus looked to God and not al the people (eyes on God not problem).

2. Jesus took what the people had. Could have turned the grass and rocks into food,

but He chooses to use what we have.

3. Jesus had to break the five loaves and two fishes to feed the people.

Our lives need to be broken to feed others.

4. People were satisfied – GK “to be filled, to satisfy a desire.”

-God is the only one who can fill us and make us complete. Nothing else can fill

that void even though some may try.

5. They got back more than they gave – five loaves and two fishes – 12 baskets full.

Better to give than receive (more joy).

F. (Dead Sea) Jesus dismisses the disciples (45) (READ)

1. Gospel of John – crowd intended to make Jesus king by force. People understood that a Messiah

would come and be king. They didn’t understand that Jesus was talking about a spiritual kingdom.

Jews are still waiting.

2. Jesus left to pray (verse 46). Only three times in this gospel did Jesus withdrew to pray.

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