Summary: Three things a Christian should know about who he is.

What A Godly Man Knows About Himself

Psalms 119:33-40


HE IS A SOJOURNER(33-35) (33) Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statures, and I shall observe it to the end. (34) Give me understanding that I may observe Your law and keep it with all my heart.

1. This life is a journey in which we are not in our homeland but are wanderers in this world.

a. Abraham was a stranger and alien on the earth. Paul said we are citizens of heaven.

b. Travelers need directions. God promises to guide us in His way as we follow His directions.

2. A godly man prays not just for God to teach him His statutes but the ‘way’ of. What is the difference?

a. God’s Word is not a document to be learned but a path to be followed. It is a sure way through the wilderness.

b. Never like asking directions but sometimes when I do I don’t like to write them down(I can remember). Need to carefully care for God’s Word to us.

1) Observe – ‘watch, guard, preserve, blockade’

2) End – to point of consequence, reward, gain.

Turn right, then left, (Murphy’s house), right, left, long curve, hard right at the house with the black dog, three rights, pass green mailbox, two dirtroads, ½ miles and then you will be back here. Lynne hates the north/south/east /west stuff.

Sometimes I realize when I get directions that I am totally turned around

God does not promise His route to be the smoothest but it is the most direct route to His blessings. Don’t often recognize the signs.

3. Did you know that understanding is better than knowledge? A man can fill his head with knowledge and still have no real understanding.

a. We can fill our heads with bible facts but do we understand biblical principles?

b. How do we go from one to the other? As we meditate (rehearse God’s Word before Him) the Holy Spirit directs us to application in our lives.

c. Understanding reaches beyond the head and to the heart. It is not just outward accomidation but inward surrender.

HE IS A SOLDIER (35-37) (35) Make me walk in the path of Your Commandments. For I delight in it. (36) Incline my heart to Your testimonies and not to dishonest gain. (37) Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity, and revive me in Your ways.

1. The Christian life is more than a journey, it is a battle. A godly man realizes that every day he is out to save private Ryan. There are dangers all along the path.

Two things are very important.

a. DISCIPLINE: Make me walk in the path…

1) WALK: ‘march, bend’ Idea of archer bending bow for warfare. God make my life a weapon in Your hands.

2) Need to realize that much of God’s will is in opposition to our old nature.

Never had to make my children eat ice cream(vegetables yes). Always willing to get into the cookie jar but never raid the broccoli in the fridge. May have to make them do piano lessons or homework but to run and get wallet for allowance is never hard.

WHY DO WE NEED GOD TO MAKE US: Remember that we are two people/schizo’s/ Paul tells us each day to put aside the old man and put on the new man(WEEDS)

1) The new man ‘delights in’ God’ commandments but he old man hates it. We need God’s power and guidance to ‘make us’ walk in obedience.

PRODIGAL initially said ‘Give me my inheritance’ but when he finally returned he said to the Father ‘make me your servant’.

b. DIRECTION: Incline my heart….

1) Ask yourself what the inclinations of your heart are? Not what your steps have been but something deeper.

2) Two options: Your testimonies or dishonest gain or coveteousness.

a) Means all vice: Love of money is the root of all evil

b) Covetousness is defined as ‘want without need’. We are naturally that way. To incline means ‘to reinforce, establish a pattern, or even program something to be habitual in our lives’.

Training makes certain things second nature in a soldier’s life.

3) We need God to strengthen our most vulnerable point of temptation(Dominant sense): Turn away my eyes. ‘Just one look, that’s all it took’

a) Cautious to not focus(lit. inspect) on VANITY.

What can we get caught up in that leads to emptiness? Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Can you remember who won the Superbowl or World Series in 1983? Who won the Olympic Gold in 1960? Who shot JR?

Lit: Make my eyes pass w/o noticing evil


HE IS A SERVANT (38-40) (38) Establish Your word to Your servant as that which produces reverence for You. (39) Turn away my reproach which I dread, for Your ordinances are good. (40) Behold, I long for Your precepts; revive me through Your righteousness.

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