1. Focus on a story recorded for us in John 21.

a. Jesus has risen from the dead (made various appearances).

b. Peter and several other disciples go fishing.

c. Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish (21:4-14).

2. Our concern is the conversation following breakfast (21:15-22).

a. Several interesting things in this text:

1) Jesus' questioning of Peter (2 words for "love").

2) Jesus' emphasis on feeding the sheep.

3) Jesus' prediction of Peter's death (21:18-19).

b. Our focus this A.M. is going to be 21:20-21.

1) Peter had just been told he was going to have to die.

2) His immediate response is: "What about John, Lord?"

3. Have you ever been in a similar situation and made a similar response?

a. Some examples:

1) Rick Morris asks you to teach a Bible Class next quarter.

2) Jim Hites asks you to do something that really needs done.

3) The Elders ask us all to consider what we contribute.

b. Natural human tendency!

1) Reasons why we compare ourselves to others.

2) What Scripture says about the matter.


A. To make ourselves feel better than others (Lk. 18:9-14).

1. "I come to church 3 times a week."

2. "I give as the Lord has prospered me."

3. "I don't drink, cuss, or have socially disgusting habits."

B. To make sure others do as much as we do (Lk. 10:38-42).

1. "Poor me, I'm the only one who . . ."

a. Teaches every quarter w/o a break.

b. Ever has anyone into my home.

c. Is pulling my weight around here.

2. Possible to be involved in many good things and forget Jesus!

a. Evidence of when that happens is . . .

b. When we start comparing our efforts with others!

C. To justify our own actions (Matt. 11:16-19).

1. To find justification for doing/not doing . . . simply compare:

a. They do this ...................... they don't do this.

b. They let their kids do this ....... don't do this.

c. They smoke, swim in mixed company, dance, drink caffeinated coffee, miss an occasional service, etc., etc., etc.!

2. This gets unbiblical real fast!

a. Incredible how much of our language is used in justifying our actions.

b. Often that involves comparing ourselves with others.


A. It is SELF-DECEPTION (Gal. 6:3-4).

B. It is NOT WISE (2 Cor. 10:7-12).

C. It is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! (John 21:20-22).


1. Are you in the habit of comparing yourself to others? (nod yes!)

a. Maybe it's a prideful thing.

b. Maybe resent the fact that others are not as motivated as you.

c. Maybe you want to justify your own actions or laziness.

2. You must repent of it!

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