Summary: Where do we really stand in our walk with Christ and with God? I was thinking of things that might show our superficial or religionist beliefs. Paul will point out clearly things that we need to be mindful of today and everyday that we seek to becom

What Advantage in Being a Jew or a Christian?

Is there advantage in being a Jew or Christian?

Advantages are many

NCBC, 10/19/03

Where do we really stand in our walk with Christ and with God?

I was thinking of things that might show our superficial or religionist beliefs:


10. You show up to church only for you to be blessed...

9. You only come to church on Sunday...

8. You only talk like a Christian on Sunday...

7. You only act like a Christian on Sunday...

6. You only come to Church on Special Days, (Christmas, Easter)...

5. You are last into Church and first out...

4. You figure your plenty good enough not to be in Church this week...

3. You figure whatever your walk may be, it has got to be better than _____...

2. You look at the offering plate and think of what you would rather be buying...

1. You seek after the greatest blessing and growth in God, yet you put forth little are no effort in growing in a relationship with HIM, then wonder why HE isn’t blessing you...

Let’s see if and what advantages are there in our being “set apart”.

What advantage of being a Jew or Christian or of being circumcised?

Romans 3:1 (KJV) What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision?

We live such busy lives today, we do so many things, we have so many advantages our forefathers never knew, yet Paul’s question is as important in my life today as the day he posed it to the new Christian community in Rome.

What are the advantages of being “Set apart” unto God? Is there advantage? Is there profit?

So, What is the profit in being a Jew or a religionist—in being circumcised or baptized...of being a church member?

What do you do with the Jew who is Abraham’s seed?

The promise of God to Abraham was that his seed (the Jewish nation) would be the children of God..

If some Jews do not believe God’s promises and God condemns them, isn’t He breaking

His promise to Abraham and his seed?

Isn’t He voiding His Word and Covenant and making Himself a liar?

God’s Word could not be based on heart religion and on moral character alone. Man seeks for there to be something else, something outward—a rite (circumcision, baptism, church membership)—this shows we are religious like the (Jews).

If we go through the rite or ritual, then God is bound to accept us. He has promised to so

accept us. He is not going to break His Word.”

The application of this question concerns every religionist.

The thinking religionist poses the same objection and question:

“If you say some religionists do not believe and are condemned, doesn’t that void God’s Word and make God a liar?”

God’s Word promises the religious person special privileges and the hope of eternal life.

His Word tells us to believe Christ and to possess His Word, be baptized and join the fellowship of the church.

If we do that and God still condemns us, is He not voiding His Word and becoming a liar?”

God forbid (meô genoito ).

God will be faithful. His Word and promise of salvation will stand even if

every man lies about believing and lies about giving his heart to serve Jesus.

God will prove His Word: He will be justified and proven faithful in what He

has said. He will still save any person who gives his heart to Jesus and obeys


In fact, God will overcome; He will prove His Word another way. He will

judge all who make a false profession and who judge Him and His Word, who

accuse Him of being unfaithful and voiding His Word. David himself said that

God would judge the unfaithful or disobedient man (Psalm 51:4). David had

sinned greatly, not keeping the commandments of God, so God judged David

and charged him with sin. David did the right thing: he confessed his sin and

repented and began to live righteously. But David did something else: he declared that God’s charge and judgment against him were just, that God was

perfectly justified. And God was, for God is always just, and He is always

justified in what He says and does.

The point is twofold.

1.God is Faithful...HE is not unfaithful. God never breaks or voids His Word when He rejects the religionist.

The religionist who possesses God’s Word and belongs to a church but does

not obey God’s Word is not acceptable to God.


Because it is righteousness that God is after, not religion.

God is not after an outward showing of religion, but an inward process of righteousness which overflows to show HIS light and love.

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