Summary: Most of us desire to be "Blessed" by God, if we are to be blessed, we must put ourselves in a position for God to bless us. This three part series - gives us some helps in this matter.

Blessed or Busted series

What am I to “BE”

Deuteronomy 11:13-28

* (TEXT) Verse 28 are the words of God as dictated to Moses for the Children of Israel (Deuteronomy is indeed Moses’ last plea to a stubborn, stiff-necked, and hard-headed people to never again turn away from or doubt Jehovah God). In this verse we read that God sets up two things; a blessed and a curse – and then gives His people (the Children of Israel & US) the choice as to which one we want to receive.

* For most of us in this room this is a “no-brainer”, we don’t want the curse we want the ‘blessing.’

* Here is the huge secret of the day; “GOD WANTS TO BLESS YOU (us).” At least a half-dozen time the scripture records “He will bless” to promise us that His favor and His best will is always ‘for us.’ God is for us.

* However, it is crystal clear from His word that if we desire God’s blessing, we must place ourselves in the position to receive God’s blessing. Often times, when the wheels come off of our lives, we wonder why God hasn’t shown up and we find ourselves ‘busted’ because either we have not allow our lifestyle to be reformed by God’s Spirit or our lives have not been transformed by God’s power meaning we have never been saved. In other words, we have not followed His word & been obedient to Him.

* Beginning today, I hope you notice a difference in messages from this pulpit. For the past 5 years, you have followed & taken copious notes as I have diligently, prayerfully, and consistently offered to you, which I call, ‘academic outlines.’ Today, that outline would possibly be this; The Condition for Blessing (the ‘if’ which God gives), The Choice of Blessing (God gives us a blessing & a curse – both are available), and the Consequence from Blessing (whatever choice we make determines the outcome or consequence we receive).

* From those exegetical thoughts, let’s answer 3 broad questions with some very personal answers. The question for today is; “IF I am to be blessed and not busted (or cursed) by God, what am I to be?” I suggest 4 things;

1. Be Sure of My Salvation – Nothing paralyzes a person from speaking or ministering for the Lord than does this issue of uncertainty about their salvation. If you are not sure about your status with God you will rarely speak a word to someone about their relationship to God.

* How many times have I heard people respond, “Well, I certainly hope I’m going to heaven—but no one can know for sure.” (1 John 5:13)

* Some don’t ever want to recheck to be sure, yet 2 Cor. 13 tell us to do it.

* Think about these words from Hebrews 2:1-4 (READ) To read this scripture is to be sobered by what salvation means. Before you can be absolutely sure that you have salvation, you might need to know what salvation means, or better said, what it meant to those first century believers. For them, it was more than a simple prayer, it was more than attending a meeting, it was more than having a name on a role, and it was much more than wearing a cultural name. To those first century believers their salvation meant a total and complete transformation of their lives. To the disciples Jesus said things like “Come, follow me” so they left their net, left their families, and even left their livelihoods to follow HIM. In Acts, when people became believers they became a walking commercial for the Kingdom.

* Salvation is just as much about being restored to and walking with God as it is about going to heaven. It is about being a part of expanding the Kingdom as it is about eternal life. It is about being a Child of God, living like you’re a child of God, walking and talking like you belong to Him. Please listen, when Jesus comes into a life, it makes a difference in that life and to think anything else is salvation is to be self-deceived!

* The question is; how sure am I of my salvation? Do I walk with God? Does my life, attitude, words, and lifestyle demonstrate my salvation?

2. Be Passionate in my Worship – I said it last week and I will say it again today; the life of a believer is about activity not passivity, it’s about transformation not relaxation. Candidly, few things attract people to God like passionate worship. Not long ago in our Deacon’s meeting, one of our men talked about going to specific churches and sensing the presence of God when you walked into the room because of their passion for God. Passionate worship is a response to the command to “Love the Lord God and worship Him with all your heart and all your soul.” How sad that many people who claim to love God have more passion for sports, shopping, and other things than they do their God. The result is that many corporate services resemble funeral services than celebration.

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