Summary: The story of Zacchaeus demonstrates three clear aspects of an authentic conversion.


Text: Luke 19:1 – 10


· Story of Zacchaeus demonstrates three clear aspects of authentic conversion


A. You must successfully overcome the barriers keeping you from Christ

1. Means of wealth (v. 2)

· Discuss Zacchaeus’ job

· Authentic conversion would mean all this would change

2. Stature (v. 3)

· Might have been less than 5’ tall

· Remedy for this problem (v. 4)

· Every one of us has barriers

· Examples

· Have to overcome these obstacles to have a relationship with Christ

B. Jesus must intersect your life in some fashion

· Can’t be converted unless you somehow are invited by Jesus

· Zacchaeus (v. 5)

1. Jesus knew his name (v. 5)

· Jesus loved him in spite of his sin

· Jesus knows your name, and all about your sins, but still loves you

2. This meeting was not by chance

· I “must” abide (v. 5)

· Greek word = necessity

· Jesus had to meet Zacchaeus if he was going to be converted

· Jesus was on his way to the cross, but He still had time to stop for Zacchaeus

· We all lead busy lives

· When given an opportunity, realize that it might be a divine “must” and respond (v. 6)

C. Your life must be radically changed

· Jesus changed him from the inside out (was a sinner…now a saint) (v. 7)

· Promised half of what he owned to the poor (was greedy…now generous) (v. 8)

· Restitution according to OT laws (v. 8)

· Would cost him a bundle!

· Jesus (v.9)

· Problem today – religion without changed lives

· When Jesus saves sinners, they stop drinking, stop lying, stop sleeping around, stop filling their minds and hearts with immoral things, stop cursing, stop stealing

· When Jesus saves sinners they begin a lifelong journey to become like Him


· (v. 10)

· What barriers are keeping you from Christ?

· Is Jesus passing your way today and offering salvation?

· Are you willing to let Him change you from the inside out, holding nothing back?

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