Summary: Miracles are not for believers

Miracles – historic events or natural phenomena which appear to violate natural laws. A marvelous event or an event that causes wonder.

 Miracles should be distinguished from works of providence (skill or wisdom). In the biblical events strictly regarded as miracles, the adversaries of faith acknowledged the supernatural character of what took place (Acts 3:12; 4:16).

 Miracles are further to be distinguished from the type of answers to prayer that do not constitute (set up) "signs" or demonstrative evidence for unbelievers.

 Miracles of God should also be distinguished from works of magic. In magic the wonder-worker himself possesses a formula that causes the result. The alleged supernatural power is controlled by the performer (Exod 7:11; 8:7). In miracles of God the results depend wholly on the divine will, and the one who works the miracle is simply God’s agent.

 Miracles of God must be distinguished from miracles of Satanic or demonic origin (Matt 24:24; 2 Thess 2:9).

 Miracles must also be distinguished from mere exotic (outlandish) occurrences, evidences of nothing but peculiarity. Genuine miracles are always "signs" that teaches a lesson. Every miracle of God is a part of God’s great-integrated system of revealed truth.

 The purpose of miracles is revelation and edification (John 20:31)

Central Idea: Miracles are not designed for you (believers).

What are they designed for then?

I. To Reveal God

A. They reveal God because after seeing the things that took place, you know that no normal man could produce them.

B. Scriptures: Ex. 7:5, 17; Dt. 4:33-39; 1 Kings 18:24; Jer. 32:20

C. Miracles are designed in one case to reveal God.

D. God has to do something that totally violates natural law, in order for us (believers) to know who He is.

II. Produce Faith in God

A. Faith is (Amp. “Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of things we hope for, being the proof of things we do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses.Heb.11:1

B. When people experience the Miracles of God it helps your faith to grow in Him.

C. Scriptures: Ex. 14:31; Josh. 3:7-17; 2 Chron. 7:1-3

D. God may perform a miracle in your life for you to trust Him more, but the miracle is not exactly for you.

E. When you see the supernatural happen in the natural, you begin to believe for the supernatural all the time.

III. Produce fear of God

A. Fear - that awe and reverence felt in the presence of a higher authority (be it parent, husband, or especially God).

B. Scriptures: I Sam. 12:17-18; Jnh. 1:14-16

C. It is meant to keep you in your place.

IV. Glorify God

A. Glorify – to magnify God through praising His name and honoring His commandments. Jesus also glorified His father through His perfect obedience and His sacrificial death on our behalf.

B. Scriptures: Luke 5:26; John 11:4

C. If it does not glorify God it is not a miracle, it is deception.

D. Things that glorify God are in his will.

V. Encourage obedience to the Word of God

A. When God performs a miracle, it prompts you to do what He says.

B. Scriptures: Dt. 11:1-8; Jdg. 2:7

C. God gives encouragement through miracles He performs.

D. When you encourage, you give courage or motivate strength.


So as we can see miracles are not designed for you the believer. They are designed to: Reveal God, Produce faith in God, Produce fear of God, Glorify God, and encourage obedience to the Word of God. So when you

Experience a miracle it is not designed for you, but for God’s total redemptive purpose. Some of you may have seen miracles over and over in your life, but you must ask yourself, what is God trying to show me.

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