Summary: What things do we boast in? What things are we proud of? What things do we try to show God as making us acceptable?

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Phil 3:1-14 [7-10]


Paul in prison in Rome (Si Pablo ay nasa bilangguan)

The Phil. Church sent a brother with a love gift : (Nagpadala ang simbahan ng regalo pag-ibig sa kanya)

Phil. Is a thank you letter (ito ay isang pasasalamat)

But, in it he mentions the Judaizers (nabanggit niya tungkol sa judaizers)


Paul despised them.

“Dogs,” “Evil workers,” “Concision”

(“Mga aso,” “ang mga gumagawa ng masama,” “Ang mga putol ng laman”)

TAUGHT that being a Christian means RITUALS so people could go to heaven when they die

TAUGHT that people must make themselves ACCEPTABLE to God

TAUGHT you must be CIRCUMCISED and follow Jewish laws and practices (meats, days, times)

TAUGHT a system of “do’s” and “don’t’s” (RULES) so a person could go to heaven

Example: You must be circumcised / Don’t eat meat / You must observe the feasts / etc

We have the same today:

EXAMPLE: You must wear certain clothes / You must read a certain book / You must go to only one kind of church or only ONE church / You must pray a certain prayer / You must not eat certain foods / You must go to church on the Sabbath / etc. WHAT OTHER RULES CAN YOU THINK OF?


They IGNORED Eph 2:8-9 (by grace, not by works lest any man boast)

Gal 5:1 (liberty [kalayaan] in Christ)

They BOASTED in their human efforts (saved by works)

Complete OPPOSITE of what Paul taught : The Gospel of Christ

What is the Gospel?

John 3:16; Eph 2:8-9 – Salvation is FREE / by GRACE / NOT by works

Rom 3:20 (“Sapagka't sa pamamagitan ng mga gawa ng kautusan ay walang laman na aariing-ganap sa paningin niya; sapagka't sa pamamagitan ng kautusan ay ang pagkakilala ng kasalanan.”)

Gal 6:14 (“Bagama't naaalaman na ang tao ay hindi inaaring-ganap sa mga gawang ayon sa kautusan, maliban na sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya kay Jesucristo, tayo rin ay nagsisampalataya kay Cristo Jesus, upang tayo'y ariing-ganap sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya kay Cristo, at hindi dahil sa mga gawang ayon sa kautusan: sapagka't sa mga gawang ayon sa kautusan ay hindi aariing-ganap ang sinomang laman.”)

1Pe 3:18 (“Dahil si Cristo man ay minsang nagdusa dahil sa kasalanan. Ang matuwid para sa mga di matuwid upang madala niya tayo sa Diyos. Pinatay siya sa laman ngunit binuhay siya sa pamamagitan ng Espiritu.”)

So he says in verse 3:

We worship God in spirit, we rejoice in Christ Jesus, We have NO confidence in the flesh

SPIRIT: NOT any work of the flesh

CHRIST: NOT our works

No confidence in the flesh – abilities (“di nagtitiwala sa gawa ng tao”)

John 6:63 – The flesh profits nothing (“walang napapakinabangan ang laman)

WHAT DO WE BOAST IN TODAY? (To go to heaven; spiritually) / HOW CAN A PERSON GO TO HEAVEN?

Go to church / be baptized / join a certain kind of church / a certain denomination / take the Lord’s supper / pray a sinner’s prayer?

Before, it was circumcision and becoming a Jew : follow their RELIGION

Those are ALL works (if you are boasting in them)!

Ro 3:20 – by the deeds of the law … no flesh justified (“Sapagka't sa pamamagitan ng mga gawa ng kautusan ay walang laman na aariing-ganap sa paningin niya”)

Ga 3:11 – just live by faith (“Maliwanag nga na sinoman ay hindi inaaring-ganap sa kautusan sa harapan ng Dios; sapagka't, Ang ganap ay mabubuhay sa pananampalataya.”)


Circumcised : A religious ceremony

Hebrew of Hebrews (Tribe of Benjamin – known as a faithful tribe)

Pharisee : High religious leader

Zeal (kasigasigan) : persecuted the church

Blameless in the law (walang maipupula sa kanya) :


CIRCUMCISION : Church membership / baptism / communion / a denomination?

PHARISEE : Church position (reverend, pastor, elder, deacon, wife of a …)?

ZEAL: Church Ministry, worship team, church worker, regular attender?

BLAMELESS : Read all of the bible last year / faithfully go to church / always early or on time to church / pray the Lord’s Prayer / have quiet time every morning?

These are all wonderful things, but they are NOT for BOASTING : They are the RESULT of a transformed life (bunga ng isang bagong buhay kay Cristo)


3:7 – loss (for Christ – “itinuring kong kalugihan alang-alang kay Cristo”)

3:8 – dung (dumi : “itinuring kong dumi ang lahat ng mga ito, makamtan ko lamang Cristo”)

Nothing else mattered to him except winning (getting) Christ; eternal life with Christ (v10-11)

(“lahat ng mga bagay ay inaari kong kalugihan dahil sa dakilang kagalingan ng pagkakilala kay Cristo Jesus na Panginoon ko”)

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