Summary: Devotion at state association meeting.



A Christian man owned a barber shop. One night, at a revival meeting, the barber felt greatly burdened to do more with his testimony for Christ. The next evening, the barber began attending a "soul winner’s class" at his church. He attended faithfully every night for two weeks. He rehearsed all the material, took extensive notes, and memorized the assigned Bible verses. At the end of the two weeks he received a plaque acknowledging his completion of the course.

The next morning, in the barber shop, he hung the plaque and bowed his head. "Dear Lord," he prayed, "Help me to witness to the first man to come through that door this morning." At that moment in walked the biggest, meanest, foulest man the barber had ever seen. It seems this man had recently lost a bet with some "biker" buddies and now he had to get his head shaved. Needless to say, the barber did not feel very comfortable quoting the "Romans Road" to a man with a tattoo on his neck.

The rest of the day did not go any better for the barber. At 5:00 p.m., the barber was sobbing with shame. He had not witnessed to a single person. He bowed his head again. This time he prayed, "Lord, if you will allow one more opportunity, I promise I will do my part." With that, the door opened and in walked a pleasant looking gentleman. The man smiled at the barber, apologized for coming in so late and took a seat in the chair.

As the barber draped the man in his protective sheet, he began to try to remember what he was supposed to say. He began to get very confused. As the barber put shaving cream on the man’s face, he tried to remember the answers he had learned to the possible objections. As the barber began to strop his razor, he realized that he simply could not remember a thing he had learned. This made the barber very nervous and soon sweat began to break out on his forehead.

Finally, in desperation, he shook the razor at the man and screamed, "ARE YOU PREPARED TO DIE??!!!"

Contributed by: Howard Parnell

I just hope I remember what I want to say today so that I don’t die up here on stage.

Before I continue, I would like to say thank you to the person responsible for placing my name into consideration. I am deeply humbled for this opportunity to be a part of this year’s state association.

Thank you to my family for being here and for those of you who told me you were praying for me.

When Bro, Tim first called and asked me if I would be interested in doing a devotion this year I quickly accepted before he had time to reconsider.

I made several attempts at finding a topic. I would find what I thought was right then something would change my mind. I’d find something else then change my mind. This went on until I realized, my devotion time was right after lunch and just before the afternoon business session, so it really didn’t matter – because people would either be busy digesting their food or reading their digest of reports.

Still, God has a way of settling a person in a specific direction. My thought today is, “What are we lifting up to draw people to Christ?”

Our theme this year “Take Me to the Cross” confused me at first until I realized that unless we lead people to the cross, they naturally will not go. Do you remember who or what led you to the cross?

I realize there are many pastors here this afternoon that are frustrated. How do I know? I hear your sermons.

Let me share something with you that not even my wife knows about.

Sometimes in the ministry I’m sure that as a pastor you feel that things come at you from all sides.

Well let me share with you what happened to me on the way here tihs morning. My wife had left with another pastors wife to attend a meeting this morning. As I was backing out I began to worry about my front bumper and the curb forgetting to pay attention to the back end, when I promptly hit a pole.

The sound was terrible. I just knew my bumper was hanging and my wife was going to hang me.

I got out fearing the worst, expecting to have a meeting with my insurance, be late for service. But as I walked around the van, I saw the pole and then the van. Yet all I saw was yellow paint on my tail ligt and samll dent. Nothing broken, nothing hanging, no reason to panic.

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