Summary: 1. The Record of Waiting - 2 Requirements For Waiting - 3 Results of Waiting - 4 Resource For Waiting

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+ Stuck in a long line of traffic

> Checkout line that is not moving

> Stuck in a waiting room

> On hold on the phone

- When waiting becomes frustrating it’s because we do not know what is going on

+ Nine months can seem like forever for a mother-to-be. In the first trimester, hormonal changes sometimes cause lingering morning sickness. Emotions rise to the surface, prolonging afternoon blues. Then a changing appetite stretches out evening hours with late-night cravings for pizza, chocolate, and dill pickles.

During the next 3 months, Mom outgrows her clothes and spends long hours looking for a new wardrobe. The last trimester turns normal activity into a chore as the final watch begins and soon contractions begin

Then, suddenly the endless waiting is over. Nine months become like yesterday’s newspaper. They are gone. They become insignificant, a faint memory—overcome by joy. Ask the new mom if she regrets enduring her pregnancy. Never!

- We don’t mind waiting when we have an appointment

- Standing in line to be the first to get an item, or to get in

- Focus makes all the difference

- Binoculars out of focus or magnifying glass

- Planing to see something better frustrating when out of focus

- It’s all about FOCUS – Here the focus is on the LORD

LORD 12x YHWH - self-existing

- One who has authority as master, owner

- Personal, Relational

- Personally involved in our lives

God - only once here

- El, “to be strong” (power & strength)

- Elohim is the plural form (found in plural form in scripture)

- He is preeminent creator

- v. 14 Personally involved

❶ Record Of Waiting

1. Wait the flood is not over yet

- 40 DAYS - Gen 7:12

- Gen 7:24 - 150 DAYS = 5 months

- 7 month ark rested

- Gen 8:1 Mountain tops - 10 month

- Gen 8:10 - Dove sent out 7 days later

- Gen 8:12 - Stayed another 7 days

2. Wait I have Isaac coming

- Ab. 75 yrs when told he would make a nation

-Waited 25 years for Isaac

3. Wait 70 years & Israel will come back home

4. Wait the Messiah is coming

- All of the OT before Christ came

5. Wait 3 days and witness the resurrection

6. Wait I am going to give you the HS ( 50 days Pentecost)

7. Wait I am coming again

In Each Case They Had a Promise

1. Based on the faithfulness of His Word

2. Assured of His past reputation

3. Experience the passion of His love

❷ Requirements For Waiting

1. v. 1-3 - Letting go of panic

2. v. 4-6 - A Desire for the Lord

3. v. 7- 10 - Surrender and trust him

* in each case, it was worth the wait!!

❸ Results of Waiting

1 v.14 Strong heart

v. 1 A Focus as light brought through a magnifying glass

- Compare v. 1. & v. 14 Strong life = a strong heart

2. - v. 3 Peace within the soul

3. v. 6 Outpour of praise worship & joy 4. v. 10 Confidence in confusion

5 v. 11 Assurance of direction

❹ Resource For Waiting

1. Obedience to his direction

2. Realize The Lords ability

- Nothing is impossible

- It’s in His time

- It is according to His purpose

3. Patience In His Timing

- Created the world in 6 days not one

- Jn 14: I go to prepare a place

What are you waiting for?

- No excuse you have been stuck in a rut

- Surrender and obey

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