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1. Do you feel that God is not using you very much? That He has not given you many gifts or opportunities to serve Him? That you are not doing enough for Him? Do you fail to have any joy in seeing God working through you? Is your call as a disciple a burden or an opportunity to you?

2. I hope today we may examine ourselves with these questions and that we may have a better understanding of how God wants us to serve Him.

3. Lets look at the passage we just read. Imagine what it would be like. If the boss were to go away for a long time. And he would put you in charge of his business. Would you look forward to being in charge? Would you see it as an opportunity or a burden? What would you do? Try to survive, to keep things going, or to see if you if you could increase his business even more?


1. Today we see exactly such a situation in the passage before us. A man is going on a long journey. And before he goes, he calls his servants to him. And we could say that he leaves with each a piece of the business. Each is given a portion of his resources, his property.

2. One is given 5 talents, another 2 talents and another just 1. A talent is money. At the time, one talent was equal to 20 years’ wages. And so each one of them was entrusted with a considerable, large amount. The man must have been rich and he was probably going out on an extended business trip. He was gone a long time.

3. As we read the parable, it was clear that the servants did not each respond to the challenge the same way. The ones who received the 5 and the 2 talents, immediately went to work. They saw this as an opportunity. At once they put the money to work, probably even before the master set out on his journey. As a result each doubled the money or property that had been entrusted to them.

4. But the third man saw the situation as a burden. He took the easy way out. He took the money and buried it. That way there was no risk and no effort required.

5. The story Jesus told was a parable. A story told to make a point. There may be many details to the story and it may have many implications for us, but there is one main point that He is making. The story is not true but it points to a true event that would soon take place.

6. Jesus is talking privately to His disciple. This teaching is for His followers, including you and me.

7. He has been telling them about what it will be like when he returns at the end of the age. And so the story points to the fact that Jesus will be going on a long journey. After his death and resurrection He would return to His father in heaven for a long time. He tells them that the kingdom of heaven, the work of the kingdom, is like the story He is telling. Jesus came to bring the good news of salvation to this world. To make His father know and to heal the sick. To seek the lost and to bring them to the father.

8. But when Jesus left, he left with His disciples His property, His work for His disciples to complete. And not only the 12 disciples, but to all His disciples, including you and me.

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