Summary: To look at ones life and know where you stand with God.

WHAT ARE YOU PACKING IN YOUR SUITCASE? Intro:As we travel through life we carry suitcases. And at the end of our lives what we have stored in those suitcases determine where we go and what our rewards are. When we go on a trip we carry suitcases. Tonight we wil look at 3 of them. 1)THE FIRST SUITCASE IS THE MAN WHO’S SEPERATE FROM GOD. So full of sin,the suitcase won’t close.Doesn’t go to church,Doesn’t pray,Does what he wants. He’s a good man,but has never received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. 2)THE CHURCH MEMBER(nice,fancy looking suitcase)He sits on the front row,and sometimes shouts the loudest, Leads in prayer,even gives his tithes. Let’s open his suitcase...IT’S EMPTY!!!And why is it empty? BECAUSE OF HIDDEN SIN INSIDE. Like the oak tree,it may look good on the outside,but hollow on the inside. Your suitcase may look good on the outside,but if there is unconfessed sin in your life it’s EMPTY. REMEMBER GOD IS NOT MOCKED.....BE YE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT.(Nums.32:23) 3)TRUE SOLD OUT CHILD OF GOD(Battered,worn suitcase) Maybe not the loudest,maybe not the biggest tither, maybe not the fanciest member,but consistant in his walk with Jesus. Let’s open his suitcase.---We see Love,Joy,Happiness,and Peace. He has Love for the Church,and fellow Christians. He’s a witness,a Soul winner,has a Godly testimony. He’s been tried by the fire,and learnedto lean and depend on Jesus. A true Warrior for Christ. As a #3 we have an obligation to God to take the Gospel to #1. Remember when God saves you,and gives you your new suitcase. It’s filled with everthing you need,but if we neglect to use those things,they slowly go away and with space in the suitcase other things have a chance to take their place. But if we faithfully use those things God has given us---guess what awaits us in the suitcase? A CROWN AND A ROBE OF WHITE!!! So, we can be one of the 3 suitcases. I pray that we all are the third.--But if not, Today will be the day you change. God is always ready to exchange that suitcase full of heartache and sin.(Even Wal-Mart won’t exchange damaged stuff)But, God will take you tonight just as you are. He will fill you with joy, peace,and happiness. Not saying that everything will be smooth but you can know that you don’t have to go through it alone,and that Jesus has won all the battles for us. When you stand before God,in Judgment. You will hear the words"Well Done,thou good and faithful servant." Friends, make sure when your journey is over,and you come to the end...that you have packed everything you were supposed to. Don’t just THINK it is there,KNOW it is there!! As I ask you one last time. WHAT ARE YOU PACKING IN YOUR SUITCASE????

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