Summary: This is the 6th sermon in the Action Series. This series began during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Series: Action [#6]


Acts 3:1-10


It seems that every week just gets longer and longer. For those who are deemed “essential workers”, we are exhausted. For those who are deemed “non-essential workers”, you are ready to get back to work. I am definitely ready to start meeting as a congregation again.

I have had some people who have been deemed “non-essential”, tell me that this is how they feel right now- “Non-essential”. That is a lie straight from the devil and it brings me to the question from our sermon title- “What can I offer the Kingdom of God?”

Acts 3:1

Peter and John were extreme opposites. Peter was always running his mouth and trying to be in charge while John was more reserved and didn’t have much to say. During Christ’s earthly ministry, Peter was very jealous of John at times and I believe that John probably thought to himself often that he wished Peter would just shut up. We see God taking these 2 men who were opposite and using them in a mighty way.

In order for God to use us, we must…

1. Be willing to serve with who He places us with.

They would have never chosen each other; but God knew that they would balance each other out. Be willing to serve with who God puts there.

Acts 3:2-5

In order for God to use us, we must…

2. Be willing to stop what we are doing.

This cripple was outside this Temple gate which was the last Temple gate a Gentile man could walk through. This cripple had no one to support him and his only hope was the generosity of others as they went to the Temple to worship. Peter and John could have kept walking, but they stopped. We often let ministry opportunities slip right by us because we are too busy doing our own thing.

Acts 3:6-10

In order for God to use us, we must…

3. Offer what we have.

Peter and John were broke; but they had something better to offer than a little money- They had the power of Jesus Christ to share with this man.


As Christians, God has given us all the power we need. We need to offer it to those in need. They don’t even realize what they need; but how will they know unless we teach them?

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