Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: to do what Jesus did, to preach what He preach, and live out a life of Jesus Christ. To run this race fully for Him.

Sermon Title: What Did Jesus Do?


Why do we need to baptize? Last week Pst. Daniel shared because “we want to follow Jesus”

Shall we read together it’s in your notes:

“Do what Jesus did, preach what Jesus preach, together we live out the live of Jesus Christ”

Today I Want to continue what Pst. Daniel shared to you last week. He shared to you 3 things happen when Jesus baptize.

Today my sermon title is : What did Jesus do!!

I want to share with you what happen after Jesus baptize? What happen to His life?? We are called to do what He did and preach what He preach. Then we need to know what happen to him after His baptism. I’m sure this will not just bless Siew Yee and Jack but it’s going to bless everyone of us. Amen!!

Tell your neighbor: the word of God is going to bless you!!

I want to share with you 3 things that Jesus did for His life:

Are you ready?

1. Conviction and not preference

Jesus conversion, Jesus baptism, Jesus’ live was full of conviction and not preference.

I went to search dictionary to find out the meaning of preference and conviction.

What is preference? A strong liking

What about conviction? An unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence.

I give you an example of preference:

For example I say well I like vanilla ice-cream. Last night our cell group was just talking about hagendaz and we realize there’s no any hagendaz in J.B. ok so I like vanilla ice-cream. I don’t want anything else except vanilla ice-cream. After service I want to have vanilla ice-cream. So after service later I go into my car with frens to have vanilla ice-cream. Then I tell myself, “I got to have vanilla ice-cream” So I walk right into the shop, the man ask me what do you like to have, and I say I have been waiting for this whole week. I want vanilla ice-cream, got to have vanilla ice-cream. The waitress says sorry we run out of vanilla ice-cream the last two weeks. All we have is chocolate ice-cream. “OH, chocolate, well, I can have that too.” (no fish prawn also can)

This is not a conviction, this is a preference. Here we see a preference may sound like a strong belief, “I got to have it” but when it’s not convenient it may be change.

Frens, are you living a life of conviction or a preference?

If our belief is changeable, then this is just a preference. A preference can still be change under certain circumstances, but a conviction gets stronger under pressure. Frens conviction and preference, this concept is so important for us, because it effects every area of our lives. Takes example, If staying married is a preference, then divorce is always an option. Means when things don’t get on right, divorce, when there is pressure, well divorce. When there’s a third person in a relationship, divorce. It is just a preference. If staying married is a conviction you will do whatever it takes to stay together. A conviction is not something you discover, it’s something you purpose in your heart. You’ve decided. In marriage, Till death do us apart, I have decided, nothing is going to change. Some people, going to church is not a conviction, it’s a preference. My frens is not coming, so I don’t come. Why don’t you pray, nobody is praying with me so I don’t pray. “Pastor you know why I backslide, because nobody cares for me. Nobody talk to me, nobody reach out to me.” Then your walk with God is not a conviction.

Mat 26:39 And He went a little further and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me. Yet not as I will, but as You will.

Jesus live a life full of conviction. That’s why you never read in the bible says “father I will do everyway but not the cross way.” “I can do anything but not the virgin birth, not going into somebodys’ stomach, I don’t do that” No!! Here you see Jesus prayer, he says, not my will but your will be done. Under pressure, he becomes stronger, conviction.

Frens, today the first question you need to ask yourself am I following Jesus with conviction or preference?

Siew Yee and Jack, what you are doing today is to follow Jesus, is to do what Jesus did, Baptize! But I believe with all my heart that you will follow Jesus not out of preference but conviction. Amen!!

2. Having a different spirit

You see throughout the lives of Jesus, He has a different spirit.

When the world says, a master need to be serve, He says I’ve come to serve. When the priest was trying to find His faults, He never gave in to please them. When people was doing the wrong thing in the temple, he did not compromise but to chase them out. When the people was trying to pin point his wrong by asking difficult question. Jesus never given in by giving any man please answer. Let’s see

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