Summary: Gen. 4:1-6

I. Today's message is on Cain and Abel

a. Coming from the book of Genesis

b. Focusing on the 4th chapter

c. Zooming in on verses 1-6

II. Who was Cain

a. Cain was a tiller of the ground

b. He was also the one who killed his brother Abel

c. Cain's offering did not find favor with God because he did not offer it in faith

III. Who was Abel

a. Abel was a keeper of sheep

b. He presented God with an offering from his firstborn flock

c. God found favor with Abel's offering because he gave his offering by faith

IV. What can I offer God

a. You can offer God your time

b. You can offer God your praise

c. You can offer God your thanks

VI. Final thought

a. Whatever you decide to offer God make sure it is your first, your best. And always remember to keep God first!

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