Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 4th sermon in the "Unpopular Series". This sermon identifies the perseverance of Joseph and how we should follow his example.

Sunday Morning, April 28, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: “Unpopular” [#4]


Genesis 49:22-26


1. If you had to sum up your life in a couple of sentences, how would it sound? Does your life reflect a life that honors God or Satan? Does your life reflect a person that “sticks with it” or a person that gives up?

2. In Genesis chapter 49 we see Jacob blessing his sons. Many of these sons received some negative reports just as many of us would, but in verses 22-26 we find a good report. This was the report of the life of Joseph.

3. Although Joseph was not always popular with man, he was popular with God. Let’s look at the ups and downs of Joseph’s life and how he remained faithful.

Ripped Off

Genesis 49:22-23

Told Truth

1. Life is full of decisions and one of those decisions we face is whether to tell it like it is or not. For example we have to tell others that abortion is wrong regardless of what the world says. I have to decide whether I preach sermons that God gives me and maybe make you mad or preach sweet sermons that cause you to like me.

2. God gave Joseph some dreams that predicted his rule over his brothers. When Joseph told his brothers the dream, they began to hate him.

3. Sometimes telling it God’s way is not popular, but it is right. Don’t forget, we are to tell it with an attitude of love.

4. Are you willing to tell others about the truths of God’s Word regardless of the cost?

Thrown Into Pit

1. So what did telling the truth get Joseph? Joseph’s father, Jacob, sent him to check on his brothers in the field.

2. When Joseph found his brother’s, they decided this was their chance to get rid of him. Although the brother’s wanted to kill him – Reuben, the oldest – talked them into throwing him into a cistern. While they were eating, a caravan of Ishmaelites came by on their way to Egypt and Judah talked them into selling Joseph to them for 20 shekels of silver.

3. All of this because Joseph was speaking the truth. Understand, that just because you say or do godly things does not mean life will be easy.

4. In fact, when you are following God, Satan is sure to attack! That is why it is easier to stick with the “status quo” and not “rock the boat” than it is to do the godly things.


Ruined Future

1. Now we find this godly young man going from his father’s favorite son to a slave in a foreign land. How unfair! Joseph had a great future ahead of him and now his future was ruined, or was it? In our standards, his life and future was ruined.

Genesis 39:1-5

2. I don’t know about you, but that report sounds like God took a bad situation and was working it for good. Please notice that the presence of God upon Joseph’s life was noticeable. After all that has already happen to Joseph, not only has he not had a “pity party” or given up; he is still trusting in God and it is noticeable.

3. Can you say the same? When life is dealing you problem after problem, can you say your faith has not wavered and can others see that?

4. Let me tell you, when people can see you conquering the difficulties of life because they can see Jesus in your life, they will want to be a part of that.

Ruined Reputation

1. Things are looking up for Joseph, but as life can be, the “bottom falls out” again. Just when Joseph’s future was looking brighter, he was accused of trying to rape his owner’s wife. Scripture tells us that Joseph was falsely accused. Potiphar’s wife did that because Joseph refused to give into temptation. It would have been easier if he had given in, right? It would have only been easier temporarily. At this point, Potiphar had Joseph thrown into prison. Once again Joseph has no hope, right?

2. First Joseph suffered for telling it God’s way and then he suffered for not sinning. I’m thinking “O.K. Joseph take the advice of Job’s friends and curse God so this can be ended.” Remember when Job was suffering that his family and friends counseled him to give up.

3. Right now the devil is using people to try to get you to give up. Right now the devil is using bad situations to get you to give up. So what should you do?

Genesis 39:20-23

4. Joseph again remained faithful to God and it could be seen in his life who was in charge. Again let me ask you, “Can people see Jesus in your life?”

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