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Summary: So many times we find ourselves in a position where we just don't feel we can share the message of Jesus because of something we have done or situations/circumstances this world can place upon us that we feel we just CANNOT say anything!


Date Written: February 20, 2015

Date Preached: February 22, 2015

Church: OPBC (AM) Sunday


Title: What Do U Say When U Feel U Have Nothing to Say?

Text: 1 Cor 1:17-25 (ESV)

ETS: Paul’s message was that the power of the Gospel is greater than anything we have to say…focus on the Gospel, not human wisdom!

ESS: There are times when we try TOO hard and try to be too clever in sharing Christ…Paul tells us to rely on the wisdom of God thru the Gospel, not on our wisdom.


Before I get into my sermon this morning I want to declare to everyone here… I have something to say! WE, have something to say! Jesus is our Lord and Savior… Jesus is the answer to sin nature of our sin sick soul…

Yes siree you better believe we have SOMETHING to say! Amen! Do you have something to say today?

But what about that time when you just got into a fight with your spouse and stormed out of the house and you run into the neighbor you have been witnessing to?

What about that time when someone cut you off in traffic and you got to the office angry, but the lady you have been sharing with begins to ask questions?

What about the time when you worked a double shift, had a flat tire on the way home, plus got a ticket… and you stop for gas and a stranger sparks up a conversation with you?

What about those difficult times in life…do you still have something to say, when you don’t feel like saying anything?

My brothers and sisters for the past few weeks you have heard sermons on how to overcome fear, what kind of church we are called to be, the characteristics of a loving fellowship and then last week you heard Pastor Wren speak very well about the love we have lost here in our church…

He taught us that in losing this ‘first’ love that we have not fallen away from Christ and that we still may be ‘doing’ what God wants us to do… but we must re-evaluate WHY we are doing it! Are we doing it because of our love for our Savior? OR are we doing it because is what we think we must do?

That sermon really struck a chord in me and I began to pray about what I was going to share with you this morning and quite honestly I was stumped for most of the week. Many of you know that I fell sick on Wednesday and lost the entire day and was really weak and out of it on Thursday, but I was still praying about what God wanted me to say today!

I was sitting at my desk on Friday morning still at a loss at what God wanted me to say and while in prayer, God gave me this question. “What do you say, when you feel you have nothing to say?”

I began to think about ALL of us here at the church and I realized that we ALL deal with difficult times in our lives and that there are times when we just don’t want to say anything… when those times hit, “What do we say when they feel that we have NOTHING to say?”

How many times are you afforded the opportunity to share Christ in your life, but you don’t because you feel like you have nothing to say…that you just cannot do it… that you will fail God if you even open your mouth?

I know that is a feeling I battle with EVERY week when I step in to this pulpit! I have to constantly pray for God to use me and the words HE has granted me so that His message is put forth and not my own!

Therefore, what do you say when you feel you have nothing to say? Sadly, many of us simply do not say anything because we feel inadequate; we feel we don’t know enough Scripture; or we feel that we haven’t learned the right method for leading someone to Christ!

OR like I illustrated a few moments ago, we don’t say anything because we have just dealt with adversity and we have sin in our life and we have the thought that we don’t have the right to share Him with others when we are feeling like this…

What do you say when you feel you have nothing to say? Turn in God’s word as we read from the book of 1 Cor 1:17-25. Paul taught the Corinthian church that they not only had something to say, but he taught how they must approach saying it!

Now before I read Paul was writing this letter because the church in Corinth was struggling and had a reputation for being wild and rebellious.

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