Summary: Prompts awareness about prayer


Jeremiah 29:12

Prayer is Serious

How is your relationship with God? How is your prayer life?

There are some that think that all is in order, but by God’s standards there is much to be done.

I stopped by to tell you this hour that if you don’t have a serious prayer life – you also don’t have a serious relationship with God.

We find it easy to live off the prayers of others — there are many that are still surviving off the remnants of mommer’s or grandmommer’s prayers.

But what posture do you find yourself in when it come down to prayer – can your children live off your prayers, – are they strong enough and spiritual enough to sustain your household.

What do you do when it’s your turn to pray – Is your heart armed and ready?? And is your faith standing firm — What do you do when it’s your turn to pray???

Paul suggest that you devote yourselves to prayer – “O” I know — How can I have time to pray when I have to work, take care of the kids, keep the house, take care of the chores, I don’t have any help, and when I get to bed – I’m to tired to pray. In the morning I’m rushed – tell me when!!

Prayer should become a way of life – there was a time in your life that some prayed to live –

but those that are serious about being a Christian should live to pray. . .

Prayer gives fellowship with God. Your ultimate goal is to glorify God –

My brothers and my sisters – Prayer is a way of lifting Him up.

In the church — those that pray is divided into three categories:

Intenders: Those that have a mind to pray but never do it. . . .

Endeavorers: Those that start to pray – but allow things that challenge your faith to stop you. . . .

Performers: Those that stand affirm in prayer — trusting God with your whole heart . . . .

What do you do when it’s your turn to pray? In our text. . . . .

Because of disobedience and sin, God allows Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon to carry away Israel into captivity. During the first raid most of the people were carried away. But this time Nebuchadnezzar brings Jeconiah the king, his mother the queen, also the eunuchs, and many of the princes of Judah and Jerusalem. In an attempt to prevent them fortifying their city or furnish themselves weapons, the carpenters and blacksmiths were also carried away. And here it is, the elders, the priests, the prophets, and the people are carried down to Babylon.

Because of the fact that there were remnants of the people left in the land — it seems as if these were greater sinners than all men who dwelt at Jerusalem. You know how you talk when it seems as if God’s people are being punished - - - Or if a child of God — or a preacher get in trouble. . So here Jeremiah writes to comfort those that have been taken captive, and to advise them that prayer is the answer to peace and tranquility. Today I feel I need to advise you that to what-ever is binding you or holding you captive — Prayer is the answer. . . .

Jeremiah assures them that he writes in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel. By sending a letter in the name of the Lord, Jeremiah thought it would be comforting to them, to know while in their captivity – that the is the God of Israel is still a God of covenant with his people. I sure this hour that many of you can testify that if it was not for the Lord on my side . . . .

Jeremiah sends this admonishment to prayer – that while in captivity they will not loose hope and that they would stand their guard against all temptations to the idolatry of Babylon. God inspired Jeremiah to write this letter as an encouragement to them in their captivity, as evidence that God had not cast them off, nor abandoned them — but that because of sin He was displeased with them and this was His rod of correction.

Here Jeremiah informs them that while they are in captivity to build, marry, raise their children and make the beast of it. Let them take pleasure in seeing their families built up and multiplied; even though some of them will die in captivity, If they live in the fear of God, their children will live to see blessings of God. God knew that they would weep in remembering home –

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