Summary: Friendship is a very personal relationship. • And by coming to church you can work on those friendships

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What do you look for in a best friend?

• Most people would agree that,

• A best friend is someone that you can share your most intimate, and deep secrets.

• Things that you would never share with the rest of the world.

• Someone that you turn to when you are hurt,

• Someone who you would share both your joy, and your sorrow.

Sometimes friends like this take a lifetime to make.

• You may have grown up with them, gone to school with them,

• Watched them go thru the hardships of life and been there for them.

• Or they have been there for you.

• Other times you can bond with someone almost instantly, and just know that you have that special connection.

We all want to find a where we feel welcome

• A place where we can go and people not only know us but a place where we feel like they want us there

• A place that appeals to our sense of worth

• A place where when we’re there we feel like family

• A place where we feel we

• Because Friendship is important in life

And because of that we go to great lengths to find places like these

• Places where we feel that we fit in.

Coffee shops are places that have taken this kind of mentality in mind

• When they designed their facilities

• Coffee shops are a sanctuary from the hectic daily routine of life.

• It’s common meeting place for those who need to meet.

And we can learn a lot from places like Starbucks, Panera Bread The Coffee Bean That we can apply to our churches

1. Places like these are open to community

• These places take the time to talk with their customers.

• They form relationships with their customers.

• They serve coffee in mugs not paper to go cups

• Because that’s the way you do it at home

• They offer you a place to relax with Comfortable chairs, couches, etc.

• They put popular newspapers out for you to read

• They take the time to create an environment that makes customers want to hang out

• A place where you want to stay

At these places You can always find someone ready for conversation

• Stay-at-home dad looking for some adult contact

• A college student happy to be off campus

• Business woman working on a project

• People everywhere, laptops, Because they care enough to offer their customers free internet.

Spontaneous interaction happens all the time

• As we grow, we will need to work hard to maintain spontaneity.

• At Starbucks, getting together with others is easy.

There is one thing in common that happens both before the service today and the one that happens next week.

• That thing is Life

• The church was never intended to be an in and out place.

• A place where we show up for an hour or two once a week.

The church was originally created to be the coffee house of its time.

• A place that’s inviting.

• A place that makes you feel comfortable

• A place that gives you the feeling that you just might want to stay for a while.

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