Summary: A challenging look at what God wants out of us individually and as His church

What does it take to be what God wants you to be as an individual? (10/23/05)

What does it take to be what God wants us to be as Bakers Chapel Church?

Joshua 24:14-15


As a church over the past two weeks, we have studied the strategy of Satan and his work on our lives and the ultimate battle plan of victory that God has for us over the power of darkness. Today, we take the next step in fighting the ways of the world. We look specifically at what it takes to be a full-fledged servant of God. Also, we take a look at what it takes to become a Kingdom-Focused Church – a church that strives only to fulfill the Great Commission and minister to its community. As we study today, lets look first of all inside ourselves – ask the Holy Spirit to point out any thing that is contrary to God’s Word and Will. Secondly, lets look at our church – are there things that we can do better? Are there things that we are doing? Are there things that we can do to minister to each other and this community? But finally, let’s totally commit to doing God’s will, not ours.


I. Total Service to God

a. What does it entail to the individual

b. What does it entail to the body of Christ

i. Faith

1. John 14:1

2. John 3:16

ii. Love

1. John 15:9, 12-13

2. John 13:3-5

3. Galatians 5:22-23

4. 1 John 4:7-8

iii. Obedience

1. John 14:15

2. John 15:16

God’s word is so specific. Is our service that way for Him. Are we living a life that is totally sold out to God. Are we fully serving the Lord? Are we fully serving Him as a church, or are we just going through the motions?

II. We must choose to perform the functions of the church as individuals and as the body of Christ.

a. Acts 2:38-47

i. Evangelism (v. 38-41)

1. Marshall Baptist has set a goal of baptizing 1500 this year. We only baptized 607 this past year. At BCBC, we have set a goal of 75 this year. Last year, we baptized under 10. We must reach out to everyone and spread the Gospel of Christ!

ii. Discipleship (v. 42)

1. If we do not train new believers and believers of many years, we are not fulfilling the Great Commission. Not only are we to reach out, we are to teach and help lead a believer into a more intimate relationship with God.

iii. Fellowship (v. 44)

1. We must get involved in Sunday School and Discipleship Training and every other ministry of the church. We learn from others. We get stronger when we share things together. God strengthens us through His word and through the lives of others who are living through Him.

2. Many times we think of breaking bread together as fellowship – and it is, but there is a deeper meaning of the term – we are one in the bond of love – in order to be one as a church, we must get into the Word individually and together as the Fellowship of Believers.

iv. Ministry (v. 45)

1. We must help one another out, pray for one another, help others outside of our church. In other words, do whatever it takes to be what God wants us to be and do what God wants us to do.

2. Everything that we do as a church, we must look at it as a ministry opportunity to help lead someone to Jesus Christ, directly or indirectly.

v. Worship (v. 46-47)

1. Worship is a face to face encounter with God. It should bring us to an appreciation of God, an understanding of God, and a total commitment to God.

a. Isaiah 6

i. He realized the state that he was in spiritually. (A, U, C)

III. What are the consequences of not following God as an individual and not following God’s master blueprint for the church?

a. In our text this morning, Joshua issued his declaration of who he served. If you look deeper into this, Joshua also showed the folks evidence from verse 1 up to the 15th about the goodness of God to them and what also happened if they turned from Him. He presented both sides of the evidence.

b. Joshua 7 – story of Achan – Achan sinned against God – he lost his life and entire family.

c. Jesus said in the book of Matthew that we cannot serve both God and Mammon or Satan.

d. As a church, the Revelation discusses two churches in particular that struggled with following God’s blueprint.

i. The church at Ephesus was cited for losing its first love. They went through the motions, did a lot of good things, but they had forgotten who they were doing them for. The consequences was the removal of the candlestick or repent of their ways,

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