Summary: Abraham did a lot of things as a response to God’s communicated will but only one thing made him righteous in God’s presence. He was justified by FAITH Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness. 4:3


Romans 4:16-25

Guiness Book of World Records: Sports facts, longest mustache, fingernails, hair

Heaviest person: 1069 pounds, buried in piano box

Tallest: 8’ 11” 37AA shoe Woman: 7’ 7”

Thomas and Elizabeth Morgan(UK) were married for 81 years 260 days until Elizabeth's death at age 105 and Thomas was 104.

Most Children: Russian peasant had 69 kids in litters (16 twins, 7 tripletts, 4 quadruplets

Oldest Mother: According to the Guinness Book of World Records Ruth Alice Kistler gave birth to a daughter at the age of 57. Another woman named Ellen Ellis reportedly gave birth to a child at the age of 72 in the year 1776. The book calls her case “unauthenticated.” Another woman puts both of them to shame by decades

Sarai(contentious) who name would change to Sarah(princess) would give birth to Isaac(laughter) at age 90. He was named ‘laughter’ because that is what Sarah(and Abraham) did when they were told that God would do this through them.

Every time she called Isaac by his name it would remind both of them of how they initially reacted at the news. I wonder what the child would be called if Lynne came and told me she was expecting our 7th child? Where is ‘pick me off the floor’ today?

‘Have you seen ‘there goes my retirement’?

When Sarah realized she was truly pregnant and put in her dentures to tell Abraham “guess what’? They might have contacted Medicare and asked for a maternity plan. Maybe they looked to buy a combination STROLLER/WALKER or DIAPERS in a multi size pack for the entire family

The name Abram literally means ‘Exalted Father’. He had no kids until he was 100. He must have had many visitors by the campfire ask him his name and then look around and wonder ‘Where are they’? It became even worse when God changed his name to Abraham(father of a multitude) He was a father of nobody on the way to nowhere

God likes to call us who we are before He makes us who He wants. God’s name for us has less to do with who we now are and more to do with whom He plans us to be. Gideon hiding in a wine press from enemy means ‘mighty warrior’ Peter was originally very unstable but his name mean ‘rock’ God names us by what he puts in us not by what is lived out of us. I am afraid that many of us might be ashamed when we get to heaven and discover what God’s name for us was. The name which describes the life we were to live if we had lived by faith in Him.

Abraham did a lot of things as a response to God’s communicated will but only one thing made him righteous in God’s presence. He was justified by FAITH Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness. 4:3

Amazed at what God asked of Abraham and yet Abraham trusted God.

Age 75: Gen 12 ‘Leave the only place you know as home to a far away land and I will make you a great nation’ Maybe Florida? Arizona? South Texas?

Age 85: Gen 15 ‘You shall be a dad of the child I promise to give you’

Age 99: Gen 17 ‘Sarai shall be a mother at this time next year’.

What do you want for your 100th birthday?

Biological clock or not God’s Time Zone

Abraham & Faith: Jews mistakenly lift up Abraham as an example of works righteousness but Paul shows in Romans 4 how he was actually the very opposite. His life demonstrated a life of faith and acceptance by God by that faith and not his works.

What does your life demonstrate? Faith? Works? Doubt? Trust? Commitment? Apathy? Lukewarmness?

HEB 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please God –Abraham’s faith pleased God

How exciting it would be to wake up each morning and center you thoughts upon the promises of God. 7000+ in the Word of God!

It is filled with hope and joy and excitement which renews our mind with all the possibilities of a life lived for Him.





(16) For this reason it is by faith, in order that it may be in accordance with grace, so that the promise will be guaranteed to all the descendants, not only to those who are of the Law, but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all, (17) (as it is written, “A FATHER OF MANY NATIONS HAVE I MADE YOU”) in the presence of Him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.

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