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Summary: What is the resurrection mean to me?

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[Read John14:19] With Jesus our living partner, our friend and companion, we really live here on earth. But I think with this statement, Jesus is pointing beyond this life to the life that never ends. Jesus was the Captain Kirk of life and death. When He rose from the dead to live everlasting, He went where no man had gone before. No one had ever died and then been raised up never to die again. But Jesus’ doing it was not a singular incident. Rather, it was Jesus blazing a trail that we all can follow.

[Read John 11:25-26]

During the Middle Ages, many speculated about the possibility of a sea route from Europe to India around the southern tip of Africa. Mariners doubted that it could be done because of the storms at the point where the Atlantic and Indian oceans met. These violent weather conditions caused the point to be called the Cape of Storms.

In the sixteenth century, the Portuguese explorer, Vasco De Gama, successfully rounded the Cape of Storms and found beyond those wild waters a great calm sea and beyond that, India. No more could people doubt that such a route could be taken. The name of that point was changed from the Cape of Storms to the Cape of Good Hope.

Death had been the cape of storms, the point at which all the hopes of life had been dashed, until Jesus rounded that cape and returned to life. We now see death as the cape of good hope, as the passageway into an infinitely superior life. At His resurrection, Jesus led the way from death to life. If we follow along His path, when we round that cape of death, we will come out on the spectacular sea of life everlasting.

And not just to life that never ends, but life that is the best life each of us could possibly have.

[Read John 14:1-3]

Jesus rose from the dead to build a heaven for you - a forever home made just right for you. Because He lives, you can live with Him forever in the place of your dreams, designed for you by the one who designed you before the world began.

John 16:20-22

In April of the year 2000, there was a car crash in Japan. Sadly, a man died in the accident. When the police came to examine the body, witnesses at the scene said they recognized the car and though the injuries disfigured the body, they also recognized the dead man. He was a 60-year-old local shipbuilder. This man’s family was contacted and a brother-in-law was able to come to the scene. "Yes," he said, "That’s him. That’s my brother-in-law." He took the tragic news back to the family. Calls were made. The family quickly gathered that very afternoon at the home of the widow.

There they were immersed in mourning: weeping, embracing, sharing memories, making funeral plans.

Then the door opened and in walked the 60-year-old local shipbuilder, home from a hard day’s work and wondering why all the relatives had come over to his house.

No, it was not a resurrection. It was a misidentification. The man at the car crash was not the man they thought he was, so the family called the police and told them to start their identification process over, because the "dead man" had just walked into their living room.

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