3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Sermon 5 In Series. Why do you do what you do as a child of God? This is a sermon that examines the motives of the methods.

From The Desk Of Pastor Toby Powers

Truth Baptist Church

Bremen, GA

What Does Thou Here?

Sermon 5

II Corinthians 5:8-15

Intro: We began five weeks ago looking at Elijah as the Lord asked of him while he was shaking and afraid in a cave, “What Doest Thou Here, Elijah?” We have in the subsequent weeks asked this question of David in the field of battle, Paul in the court of Agrippa, and Solomon in the vanity of life. We concluded last week in Ecclesiastes with Solomon warning us to live our lives in light of eternity, for we will face Judgment, Ecc 12:14 “For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” This chapter is directly coordinated with that principle, and this is seen in the promise of Judgment in verse 10.

Today, we are not asking Paul, David, Solomon, or Elijah, but I’m asking you, “What Does Thou Here?” Furthermore, I want to examine more your motives than your methods. I want you to ask yourself why you do what you do. There are many reasons why people do what they do:

1. Convenience

2. Circumstance

3. Chance

This question of motive is one that is on the front of man’s mind in every major event. He looks for motive:

1. At a Crime Scene

2. In A Calamity: Why? Why did this happen? Was it man’s fault or an act of God?

3. In Any Change: As little as .2 degrees Celcius (1/5 of one degree) can change in the temperature of the earth in almost 100 years, and man will spend endless dollars trying to figure out what he did wrong???

From the time of childhood man is interested in the motive. He always wants to know the why for everything and everybody else, but sometimes he never stops to ask HIMSELF, “why do I do what I do?” Paul asks and answers:

I. Delightful Departure: v. 8, As Solomon encouraged us in Ecclesiastes; Paul also declares that he is living in light of eternity. He gives us a precious truth to which we can hold. There is a better home for the saved when we leave! It is good cause to live for the Lord!

II. Duty Is Declared: v. 9, We are commanded to be laborers, and it is a joy to serve. The greatest privilege I can think of is to be a servant of the Lord. He promised:

A. If We Will Go, He Will Provide The Burden.

B. If We Will Give, He Will Provide The Blessing.

C. If We Will Grow, He Will Provide The Blossom (make us fruitful in him).

D. If We Will Glory In Him, He Will Provide The Brethren (John 12:32). He will grow the church. All we are asked to do is perform our duty and serve him.

III. Deeds That Are Done: v. 10, we are going to answer to God. Just doing any old way may be fine when answering to man, but only doing right will work when answering to God. Will what you are doing and why you are doing it be accepted in Judgment?

IV. Desire Disclosed: v. 11-12, Notice Paul’s intent is to persuade men to get ready to meet God. His desire is:

A. To Perform: his duty

B. To Be Plain: in his message. He attempts to persuade men. Not to impress men or to make a name among men, but he attempts to persuade men.

C. To Be Positive: he trusts that his message and testimony has made a mark on their consciences. He seems positive about the work of God in them.

D. To Be Provoking: provoke the people to live for God and to do so from the heart. Some were only in appearance, but he gave them a message that changed the heart.

V. Divine Direction: v. 13, Some thought Paul was crazy for doing what he did. Festus said he was mad, told him he was beside himself, and Paul responds to that talk. If people think I’m crazy, it’s just because I obey God.

VI. Deduced Deportment: v. 14-15, After adding it all up, it is the love of Christ that causes us to do what we do! It is unselfish love, unending love, and undeserving love.

Conclusion: What does thou here? What is your motive? What are you doing serving God? Going to Church? Living the life you live? Why do you do what you do? Examine your motives and be certain that they are from the Lord.

To hear sermon audio on this sermon or hundreds of others go to www.trumpetoftruthonline.org and click on “Hear The Sounds Of The Gospel Trumpet.” There are also scores of outlines on the site listed in order by Scripture Reference.

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