Summary: A sermon on what God has prepared for them who have their heavenly passports ready.

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What God has prepared for you

Philippians 3:20-21

By Pastor Fernando Cabrera

1. It is better than you think (3:20) – citizenship is in heaven

a. A place of perfect worship (Rev.7:11, and chapters 14 and 22)

i. Heaven’s city is one big church

b. A place of perfect pleasure

i. You will feel brand new every single day

1. No “blah” days

ii. You will never get sad enough to cry

1. Rev. 7:14 “God will wipe every tear from their eyes”

a. No more disappointment, no more dismay, no more discouragement, no more agony, no more anxiety, no more apathy, no more fears, no more tears, no more frustration, no more depression, no more night mares, no more cares, no more rejection, no more dejection no more sadness, no more madness

iii. You will never experience sickness or physical problems

1. no more cancer, no more aids, no more arthritis, no more diabetes, no more back pains, no more blindness, no more boldness, no more deafness, no more dumbness, no more hepatisis A, no more Hepatatis B, No more Hepatatis C, no more leprosy, no more athlete’s foot, no more ulcers, no more heart attacks, no more tumors, no more strokes, no more infections, no more strep throat, no more manoucleosis, no more fevers, no more headaches, no more seizures, no more schizophrenia, no more bipolar, no more dialysis, no more pimples, no more asthma, no more allergies, no more migranes, NO MORE

c. a place of perfect knowledge

i. I Cor. 13:12 – “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known”

1. In heaven you will never forget – no Altheimer

ii. It will take eternity to know him because he is infinite

d. A place of perfect glory

i. A Glorious city (Rev. 20:10-11 “the holy city…having the glory of God)

1. about 1,400 square miles

a. divided into 16 cubes

b. 18,000,000 acres

c. 625,000,000 street blocks

i. enough for 10,000,000 houses

2. since it is a perfect cube

a. 937, 500, 000, 000 street blocks

i. it would take 50 sears towers in top of each other to reach the top

b. one and one quarter quadrillion of people

i. That is enough space for 1,000 times as many people as have been born in Adam

3. This is the size of a city

a. A high rise like you have never seen

4. The best of all is that God is the internal and external decorator

a. It is a transparent city

b. Beauty is uninmaginable

i. Ex. Each gate is made up of a single pearl

5. God is creating a city so it can absorb the glory and beam it back off

a. Not only you will see the glory but you will walk in the glory

6. Since citizens should honor their own countries, so Christians should honor heaven

a. Christians are a colony here on earth

Do you have your passport to heaven?

Since your are going to a place better

than you think, invest in your new home

2. It is more powerful than you think

a. Transformation of your body

i. Man was made of dust

1. the same 17 elements that the dust is made of, the dust is made of

2. Why made of this composition?

a. Because God designed our bodies to meet the environmental conditions of the earth

i. To withstand 14 pounds of pressure per square inch

ii. To have the right combination of oxygen and carbon dioxide and nitrogen

1. you can only live outside of this earth if you take an artificial earth environment with you (space suit)

ii. To be in a heavenly environment, he will give you a body that can work in the heavenly environmental conditions

1. ex. Caterpillar vs. butterfly

a. Catepillars are designed to crawl on the earth, but it goes through a transformation to be able to be in a different environment

i. God is going to give you a spiritual glorious body, like Jesus, so you can be where he is.

1. I John 3:2 “…we know that when he appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is”

2. Philippians 2:21 “transform” the body” –

a. Lit. fashion

i. God is going to be your fashion designer for your body

1. it will be clothed with glory in white garment

Because it is more powerful than

you think, keep hope alive

3. It is closer than you think

a. When is Jesus coming back?

i. We are in the church era – times of the gentiles

1. Romans 13 tells us that Israel will come into the picture again

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