Summary: All over the World, largely "below radar" God is moving. The Kingdom of God is advancing. Untold millions are coming to faith in Jesusu Christ. Here are some inside looks at what is doing on.

What God is Doing

The Kingdom of God is Advancing Around the World!

Pastor Eric J. Hanson

About Twelve Years Ago…

• I preached on this several times

• Acceleration had been ongoing for several decades.

• The AD 2000 and beyond movement was in full swing.

• Worldwide statistics were compiled up through 1999.

Now It is Past Time for an Update.

• In the last 20 years… 8% annual growth in the number of Born Again Believers on the planet. Bible Believing Christianity is advancing 4 times faster than Islam.

• Prior to 1985 the Worldwide growth rate of the Lord’s Kingdom was about 2%.

• In 1960 there were 2 “Western World” Christians for every “Eastern & Third World” Christian.

• By 2000 the situation had changed drastically with 4 Second and Third World believers for each Western World one.

• As of 2010 it has become seven in the Second and Third Worlds for each one in the Western World. The “center of gravity” of the true Church today is in Asia and Africa.

• Latin America has always been predominantly Roman Catholic, but no more. On any Sunday now, there are more Evangelical and Pentecostal believers in church than there are Catholics, in virtually all Latin Countries.

• More Missionaries are now sent from non-Western Nations than Western ones.

• There are currently 70-100 million more Christians in India than are listed as such.

• The Chinese Church is now around 200 million believers, up from 100 million in the late 90s and 50 million in 1985. (2 million in 1950)

• Globally there is a Day of Pentecost Harvest of souls every 25 minutes. 3000 more people are born again in that span of time.

• Every new day, there are 175,000 more believers on Earth, than there were 24 hours earlier.

• Believers who have an active vision to reach out: 1970: 70 M. 2000: 707 M. 2010: well over a Billion, plus another billion other Christians.

Signs & Wonders pointing to Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15-20, John 14:12)

• By 2005, dead people had been raised to life in 52 nations, from Algeria to Vietnam

• Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu raised by the Lord sovereignly (32-33)

• Hawa Ahmed spared and divinely clothed. (33-34)

• Many AIDS sufferers cured (28)

Ten Essential & Godly Tools for Massive Impact

• 1. Intercessory Prayer

• 2. Empowerment

• 3. Reconciliation

• 4. Identificational Repentance

• 5. Spiritual Mapping

• 6. Saturation Church Planting

• 7. On Site Prayer

• 8. Fasting

• 9. Leadership Teams

• 10. Media Impact

Stories of God’s Direct Intervention, often connected to heavy Intercessory Prayer.

• Muslims (dreams & visions)

• Hindus (I bind you.)

• Help for Believers

Various Local Snapshots

• Cambodia: 200 to 400,000 in 14 years!

• El Salvador has gone from a Communist hotbed to 53.4% born again professing believers

• Guatamala now 44% born again

• Rio De Janeiro had 30 Spiritist centers for each Church in 1981, now that is reversed and more: There are 40 Churches for each Spiritist Center

• Kurdistan: No known believers in 1992; a church in every major city today.

• More Muslims have turned to Jesus Christ in the last 15 years than in the previous 1000 years combined!

• Nepal had 5200 Christians in 1970, but 543,000 by 2000.

• Hainan Province in China grew from no known Christians to 255,000 in 8 years’ time.

• From 1992 to 1997 Christians among Congo Pygmies went from zero to 300,000!

• From 1992 to 1998 Zimbabwe added 2 ¼ Million more believers! (6000 new churches)

• Two states in India now claim to be 100% Christian (Nagaland & Mizoram)


Matthew 16:18

• Let’s get in on this.

• God is here too!

• Start with opening up to the Lord for your part.

• Let’s begin today with prayer.


What God is Doing (continued)

Pastor Eric J. Hanson


 Jesus Said: Matthew 16:18, and Mark 16:15-18

 Super Acceleration in converts to the point of 8% annual growth in number of switched on witnessing believers in Jesus Christ at present.

 70 Million such people in 1970; 700 Million in 2000, and over 1 Billion today.

Secrets of the Acceleration of the Spread of the Gospel and the Lord’s Kingdom

 Secret 1: Acts 15:17 God desires to be sought after and found by “the rest of mankind”. Therefore, He reveals Himself to them if they are zealous of finding the true God. (visions and dreams, angelic visits)

 Secret 2: Acts 12:5-7 God responds greatly to prayer, especially united faith filled prayer, therefore He has raised up the great prayer movement. ( strategic targeted prayer, action prayer rather than rhetoric prayer, people set apart for prayer availability, etc)

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