Summary: God intimately knows us and still loves us unconditionally.

Psalm 139 “What God Knows About You”


“You just don’t understand me,” is a cry of lonely frustration. It is a cry that has escaped from the lips of each and every one of us.

· A teenager imposed with an unjust curfew accuses the parents for not understanding, even though the parents have been through the same situations in their youth.

· Confronted with a diagnosis of a serious, chronic, or terminal illness, the patient utters these words, because he or she believes that his or her illness separates him or her from others.

· This is the cry of grief, by those who have recently lost someone they deeply loved. They convince themselves that no one has ever experienced such grief, and that their grief separates them from others.

One of the greatest fears that we have is that no one will know us well enough to understand us.

The Psalmist who wrote this passage of Scripture celebrates the truth that God knows each and every one of us intimately and completely.


The writer of this Psalm states that God knows our going out and our coming in. God is not a distant God. The Creator has not separated himself from the creation. Rather, God is intimately involved in our lives.

The psalmist goes on to confirm that God’s presence is everywhere. There is no place to which we can travel that will be beyond the presence of God. God is present from East to West and from heaven to hell.

In a final thought, the psalmist ponders the truth that God knew all about us from the beginning of time, and that God was present at the time of our conception and during our fetal development. We are not an accident. We are created with intention and chosen by God.


The intimate knowledge of God is not perceived by the Psalmist as an intrusion into his life. This is not the “Big Brother” concept where all of our secrets are recorded and revealed for someone’s prurient interests.

In a similar manner to a spouse or the closest of friends, God is intimately involved in our lives, knows and understands us, and is present with us through whatever we encounter in life.

The amazing reality that dawns upon us as we ponder the words of the psalmist is that though God knows and understands us better than anyone else including ourselves, still God does not reject us, but instead loves us and chooses to use us to God’s glory.


God’s relationship with us is closer than the closest of our relationships. God knows us. God loves and accepts us. We are able to celebrate with the Psalmist this wonderful truth and worship this remarkable God, the creator of the universe.


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