Summary: Inspiring key truths about our God's love and blessings for us


Who could have predicted the astonishing success of social media? I remember visiting our daughter, Christine, when she was working at a college just outside of Boston in 2006, and hearing about something called “Facebook.” She told that students were crazy about it. It got its start at Harvard in January, 2004. A decade later it has become world-wide, claiming that over 1 billion people have active accounts, meaning that they log in at least once a week!

Why do so many of us like Facebook? In part, in a world where we feel so anonymous, it is a way to say “I matter.” “I exist!” Never before, in recorded human history, have people been so connected, yet so separate. We can communicate instantly and visually with anyone on the globe who has an internet connection. We can watch events thousands of miles unfold in real time. Yet, many of us are lonely, living in isolation in our living rooms, not even knowing the people across the street.

If you’re wondering if you matter, our text from Scripture today is going to encourage you.

TEXT- Ephesians 1:1-14

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of the key books in the Bible for teaching Christians who God is and what it means to be “Christian.” In just a few short pages, we are assured repeatedly that God is loving, that we are ‘in Christ,’ that we are empowered to live in new ways, with purpose.

In the 1st chapter, which is my text today we are told what God thinks about us.

You matter to Him! Even as I say that, I know some of you are hearing echoes of a lie as old as Eden that is often repeated. If believed that lie keeps people alienated from the God who would give them a blessed, rich life. I’ve known Christians who because of disappointment or bitterness listened to this lie and grew apart from the Lord. “God is uncaring, distant, out of touch with you and your needs.”

Listen to the TRUTH. {READ TEXT}

“I am blessed... with every spiritual blessing!”

Do you take time, often, to thank God for His gifts to you, to regain perspective so that you can see His faithfulness?

Do you believe that you are blessed?

The inspired Word is not accidental, nor do the sacred writers simply pen thoughts in random fashion. They were used by God to communicate His truth to us. And, it is significant that at the beginning of this exposition about living the Christian life, we find an outpouring of worship and praise for our status as ‘blessed people!’

It is so natural to complain about what we lack, to see the problems of our life, to get fixated on what we perceive as ‘lack.’ God’s people, the Israelites fell into this temptation - time and time again. God miraculously intervened to free them from slavery in Egypt, a powerful empire. He led them, defended them, provided even their daily food. And, what did they do?

They complained! I am sure that living in tents, in a wilderness was not always a lot of fun. BUT... God was providing all that they NEEDED. They were ABUNDANTLY BLESSED!

If we are going to please our Father, if we hope to faithful to our Savior, Jesus; if we desire to be led by the Spirit - we need to start with worshipful praise for our status as ‘blessed ... with every spiritual blessing!’

“But, Pastor, things are tough in my life right now. My marriage is stormy. My kids are rebellious. I’m dealing with sickness. My parents are aging and I worry about them. The world is going to Hell right in front of my eyes. I’m not all that secure in my work. ....” Yes, those things may be true, and we don’t have to deny the reality of life’s difficulty in order to become thankful.

The fact is that even if all those things and more are true of your life right now - you are secure in Christ, your relationship with your Father is secure because of Jesus. Sometimes we have to make what the Bible calls a ‘sacrifice of praise.’ We exert our will to look beyond our troubles to thank God that we are “blessed with every spiritual blessing!”

“I am included in God’s family by His design and will.”

Ever been an ‘outsider?’ You just did not fit in. There was no place for you.

Ill.- I remember despising gym class in high school. I was (and am) a geek, a nerd. Throw a ball to me and I’ll drop it almost every time. I don’t run, I lumber along! My body simply does not have much coordination. I’m even a dance class flunkie. The worst time of every school day for me was the time when some guys could really shine. I just did not fit in with the jocks. I hated when teams got picked because nobody wanted the skinny uncoordinated geek on his team.

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