Summary: Are you aware that God is working in your life? If not, be confident that He is, and He is doing it today. Also, He will continue to do it daily.

What God Wants To Do In Your Life

Phil. 1:6

Pastor Greg Mc Donald

If someone would come up to you today, and ask you, “what do you what to do with your life’? Would you be able to answer this question with out any hesitation? Have you taken the time to plan out your future?

Most people have hopes and dreams. Hopes of one day being able to retire. Dreams of one day building the home you have always wanted. Young men always have the hope of catching the eye of that special young lady. And dream about their whole lives together. Ladies your the same way.

There’s a story of a man in his middle years who was on a Caribbean cruise. On the first day out he noticed an attractive woman about his age who smiled at him in a friendly way as he passed her on the deck, “which pleased him”. (Expand on what he may have been thinking)

That night he managed to get seated at the same table with her for dinner. As the conversation developed, he commented that he had seen her on the deck that day and he had appreciated her friendly smile.

When she heard this she smiled and commented, “Well, the reason I smile was that when I saw you I was immediately struck by your strong resemblance to my second husband.”

At this he perked up his ears and said, “Oh, how many times have you been married?” She looked down at her plate, smiled and answered, “Once.”

You may be asking what does this story got to do with hopes and dreams, and what I want to do with my life? These two individuals I’m sure planned this trip with hopes and dreams of catching that someone special. The key thing is that they made a plan to do something about their future.

Do you have plans for your future? Plans that will enable you to fulfill your hopes and dreams. Many have plans for their future and I’m sure if we took a survey among the congregation we would see that all of us have different plans for our future.

Then there are some people who have desires. Some of witch others may see selfish and others may think are O.K. Then there are those who have a desire to just spend their lives just serving others, to meet the needs of those around them .

We could spend all morning pondering on these questions. But, there is one question that we all need to ask ourselves this morning. A question, that is the most important question we could ask ourselves. A question that has both temporal and eternal magnitude.

That question is, “What does God want to do in your life”? What would be your answer to this question if someone asked you today? Would you be able to answer this, without any doubts and without any hesitation.

This morning we are going to take a look at this question, but first, we are going to take a look at what The apostle Paul says about this. (Read Phil. 1:6)

According to this verse, Paul is saying that God wants to begin a work in your life. In here he says, “He who began” And that He, is God himself. The creator of creation, the one who hung the moon and the stars, The One who can do great miracles, the One who separated the waters of the Jordan.

This same God wants to begin a great work in you. This may be surprising to some people, but, it’s true. He wants to take the life of a sinner and work in it and do great things that only He himself can do.

And it is Him and Him only that can take sinners such as you and I, and work in, and through us, to complete His work in our lives, and in the lives of others. But, first we need to begin to realize our selves, that we need Him. Then He can begin to do his work.

When we come to the realization, “That we need Him and reach for Him”, that’s when amazing grace begins to work in us. Here is the way grace works.

Grace does not make everything right. Grace’s responsibility is to show us that it is right for us to live; that it is truly good, wonderful even, for us to be breathing and feeling at the same time that everything clustering around us is absolutely miserable.

Grace is not a ticket to Fantasy Island; Fantasy Island is dreamy fiction. Grace is not a potion to charm life to our liking; charms are magic. Grace does not cure all our cancers, transform all our kids into winners, or send us all soaring into the high skies of sex and success.

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